Gaming is currently one of the world’s leading industries and while classic platform games may have kickstarted the realm of gaming, the industry has experienced impressive growth over the past decade. Mobile gaming is steadily increasing in popularity over recent years; rendering the industry a suitable choice for aspiring gaming developers. What’s more smartphone usage is rapidly growing in popularity which directly suggests that the world of mobile gaming will continue to host incredible opportunities for savvy developers and tech-smart minds. 

However, when it comes to designing a mobile application that perfectly meets user requirements, you will need to evaluate mobile game UI examples while also carefully considering the mobile gaming UI design rules.

What Are The Basic Mobile Gaming UI Design Rules?

Size Matters

Size becomes a crucial factor when mobile apps are concerned as the size of the screen serves as quite the UI constraint. This is simply because the size of the screen will directly impact visual display, user journey, and ergonomics. Designers and developers, therefore, need to consider levels of comfort and make a point of avoiding the placement of calls to action that would interrupt the user journey. As a result, the “thumb zone” is of crucial importance as the most prominently comfortable way to game on a mobile device.

White Space Is Relevant

White space is even more critical when it comes to mobile app UI design as opposed to pc gaming design. While buttons should be large enough to allow ease of use, user experience can be enhanced simply by ensuring there is adequate white space surrounding buttons and other elements of the design of the app. 

Consider Interface Guidelines

A simple vertical layout is usually the best option as it respects the interface guidelines. Interface guidelines are essential as they will direct you in terms of what is suitable for each type of iOS. Graphic styles can vary drastically, and your choice will dramatically affect the success of your mobile gaming app. 

A Necessary Course Of Action

Optimizing user experience should be the primary concern while crafting the design of your mobile gaming app. Therefore, each page should contain no more than one piece of core information as well as one immediate action. Overfilling a page means your app may appear messy, chaotic, and confusing to the user. Simplicity is often the aspect that makes mobile apps functional and accessible to the user.

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The Importance Of Contrast

When taking into account that smartphones are literally used everywhere, the aspects of brightness and contrast become necessary user experience and user journey. Your app must be fully readable and usable in full sunlight as well as readable in darker environments, such as indoors during evening hours. Variations in brightness and contract will have a massive impact on the quality of your mobile game creation. 

Once you fully grasp and understand the fundamental rules of mobile app UI design, you will be able to let your creative mind run wild. While you do need to consider basic design tactics and strategies, your creativity is what will ultimately render your mobile gaming app unique. Therefore, it is also essential to maintain individuality while considering guidelines and UI design examples. 

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