Marketplaces are rising to create a trailblazing space of their own in e-commerce markets. Approximately 50% of e-commerce sales came from the top marketplaces alone in 2019. So, it is natural that the statistics have increased considerably today with more marketplaces at hand. 

The likes of Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart are all known to be some of the best-selling marketplaces this year. But what other marketplaces are acquiring the title of the world’s most successful marketplaces this year? 

In this article, we’ll just briefly review the top marketplaces. But if you’re interested in learning more about how marketplaces are developed on the technical side, their architecture, the required technical stack, processes, and development costs, then you need a more detailed guide. Our friends’ blog has an in-depth article on how to build a marketplace website. Enjoy reading.

Well, we’re back to our review.

World’s Most Successful Marketplaces in 2021

 1. Amazon 

Amazon has rapidly turned into the largest marketplaces worldwide, with more than 100 million prime members. The app allows sellers from almost all niches to sell their products and generate sales in a minimal timeframe. 

When you begin to sell via Amazon, one must consider a few essential factors to keep in mind. But for now, it is safe to start with a hands-down selling plan that will help you make the most of this app. As consumers spend an average of $1,400 per year on this app, you can be sure of gaining a lot from it. Thus, if you wish to understand how to build a marketplace website, check out Amazon. 

2. Walmart 

An American multinational retail store that operates a chain of hypermarkets is another excellent place to boost your sales. If you want to know about how to build a marketplace website, you can refer to theirs for the best experience. 

With Walmart, you will be able to access over 400+ customers who visit the app regularly. You do not have any set-up fees as well. So, whether you are a start-up store or you want to build a marketplace website, you can refer to their site for more. If you are a seller and want to work with Walmart, you have to kick start by filling out Walmart’s application. 

3. Alibaba 

One of the largest marketplaces that have acquired its global reputation, Alibaba also runs AliExpress. What is most exciting about working with them is that you do not have to pay any hidden or commission fees. So, you can start without any hassling experience. 

For those who need to know how to build a marketplace website, Alibaba can be the one-stop solution for reference as their site is well-built and provides comfort to each user comprehensively. Once you start working with Alibaba, you may be able to use their payment systems and memberships as well. 

4. Flipkart 

One of India’s best marketplaces, Flipkart, is also on this list of best marketplaces for this year. In recent years, it has been able to up its marketing game like no other. Flipkart features a great website that provides exceptional traffic to each company working under it. So, if you want to know how to build a marketplace website, you can refer to their site for more. 

Flipkart requires you to look after their shipping commissions and a 15% tax as well. However, the results that the sellers can gain are far more critical than anything else. SO, why not? 

The Bottom Line 

The internet is helping us to make the most of these reputed marketplaces for our benefit. Whether you want to sell your products or buy them, you can do it by referring to these top marketplaces this year and following their trends. 

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