[box type=”info” width=”100%”] PactSafe is a patent-pending, turnkey application which takes the guesswork out of website legal protection. Easy-to-use, it is a cloud-based contract management application which not only manages and tracks your website legal agreements, but also ensures they are presented in a manner to maximize enforceability. Think of it as the ultimate content management system for the legal content on your website. Designed by lawyers and developers, we have done the research and the heavy-lifting – and our application does it the right way. [source] [/box]
This new startup coming into the World is looking to help you manage and protect your business from, well, clowns. You’ve used to being dependent on the standard Terms of Service, and User Agreement pages – which in no way are enforceable and half the time nobody really takes them seriously anyway.

It works very simply. You signup, and you’re given the ability to create agreements that can later be embedded into your website. You cannot embed, unless you’re a member of PactSafe. I guess it could potentially be a downside for some businesses, but the potential positives of this project could outweigh the negatives rather quickly.

There are businesses who need to protect their users and their customers, so I can see how PactSafe could interfere between that space and make it valuable and appealing to both sides of the story.

PactSafe Pricing

This startup will be great for your businesses if you’ve got special view towards something, and want to let your users that you do. It could be anything, and the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to track your activity on the website.

We’ll have to see as the startup grows and more information becomes available. (Read: reviews)