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Which Social Media Sites to Distribute Content On for Best ROI

By on January 8, 2014

How long can you do something before it becomes incredibly boring? Like with most things in life, we become bored and tired of repetition. Idea -> post -> social media distribution. Rinse and repeat. All day long. Sounds familiar, right? You constantly try to find information on how-to improve your social media visibility and exposure, Read More...

How-To Double Your Conversion Rate in 4 Weeks

How-To Double Your Conversion Rate in 4 Weeks

By on January 7, 2014

Neil Patel is someone I truly adore, he always manages to out-do himself and deliver only the best quality content to his followers. I love the dedication he puts into his 30-day guides, and how-to double your conversions is no exception, it’s a top-class guide that will educate you on the topic of conversion rates. Read More...

5 Tools to Help You Get Free Twitter Followers

5 Tools & Tips to Help Increase Your Twitter Followers

By on January 7, 2014

I did discuss and go over the details as to why you shouldn’t buy Twitter followers, but I never mentioned a replacement. There actually are free tools out there which can help you gain more followers and exposure on your Twitter account. The one common thing these tools might share is that they are based Read More...

Sunset in Winter

25 Creative Writing Prompt Ideas for All Ages

By on January 7, 2014

Running out of ideas and getting frustrated is much easier than coming up with new ideas and being happy about. People who have blogged on will probably know of The Daily Post. It gives readers a daily, weekly and monthly prompt as a challenge that tons of people take part in. It’s great because Read More...

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Why You Should Avoid Buying Twitter Followers

By on January 6, 2014

Is it safe to buy Twitter followers? Will I get banned if I buy Twitter followers? Where to buy Twitter followers? These are just a few of the questions that are floating around the web from inexperienced members of the community. It is really hard to believe that people actually consider such practices as norm Read More...

Ghost Homepage

12 Free Minimal Ghost Themes

By on January 6, 2014

When the World first heard of Ghost, nobody thought that a project that is trying to steal the idea from WordPress is going to make it. A little while, and $300,000 Kickstarter funding later – Ghost is officially the hottest kid on the block. The launch party was a success, and theme developers even got Read More...