How to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest has been one of the most popular visual social media platforms for the past couple of years, and it doesn’t look like the company is going to stop there. Recent announcement from the social image platform has shed some light on a few feature called “picture search” — a way for Pinterest users to search for content using existing images, meaning that anyone can search for things like ‘trees’ just by uploading a picture of a tree.

The social network has just announced a new visual search feature: a search tool that will allow users to select just a portion of an image, and then look for other similar images within the site. In collaboration with members of the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center, Pinterest uses deep machine learning to learn image features based on their richly annotated dataset of billions of Pins. Those features are then used to create a similarity score between any two images. — Bernard Marr

And it goes without saying that Pinterest has also gained a lot of traction in the eCommerce markets, because most people who browse Pinterest are already in half-way buying mode, advertising products and promotions is much more easy and rewarding than on sites like Twitter or Facebook. And the community itself has been longing for a straightforward buy feature that would make shopping tenfold easier.

As it stands right now, Pinterest is the perfect platform to explore for marketing opportunities, and the following four steps will help you better integrate your existing marketing knowledge with the requirements of this trending social platform.

Step 1: Improve the Quality

Starting your own Pinterest board is really not all that difficult, what’s more tricky is to maintain your board with high quality imagery that naturally attracts viewers and ultimately people who would want to like your images. If you are doing brand management with Pinterest you will want to make sure that your pins are not in any way damaging the overall image and vision of your brand. Because Pinterest is so widespread and popular it doesn’t matter if you are pinning stuff from the company next doors, or from people who have nothing to do with your field of work whatsoever, what matter is that you maintain consistent quality that portrays your interest in the network in the first place.

Step 2: Create Amazing Content

While sharing what others are putting out the network is a safe way to build a trustworthy following, creating your own content brings about more opportunities for exposure and admiration. Sticking to the same rules as above, creating high-quality content that’s engaging and relevant will naturally attract a crowd of people who will want to support you based on the fact alone that you’re trying to improve the browsing experience for everyone. Remember to have a variety of content, both yours and that from others and you will be well on your way to learnings the secrets of this magnificent social platform.

Step 3: Timing is Everything

Pinning stuff at midnight in hopes for great conversions is really not how any social platform works, which brings us to the third point — time your content sharing when there is most activity happening, especially within your own circle of followers. This can be determined by the kind of content you are sharing, is it locally aimed at a particular location, or is it more globally oriented towards everyone? Finding the best time to share on Pinterest only takes a few weeks of experimentation and testing, once you got an idea of when your pins perform the best; improve by sharing content especially at those times.

Step 4: Be an Engager

It’s nice to take into account all of the above, because most of it is about being an active community member who’s not selfish but promotes high quality stuff that others would love to pass onwards, but one last step to ensure that we are really going to improve our Pinterest marketing strategy is going to be all about engagement. Pinterest is a platform that encourages comments, and comments are a foolproof way of making new friends and connections within the network itself, as well as outside of it.

How to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

We only need to follow these four steps once for a few weeks to really understand their meaning and benefit that it can bring to our brand, business and/or individual websites that we’re working with. If you have been a Pinterest user for the last few months and/or years, please feel free to share your insights and tips on how to make most of this amazing social platform and what do you think should be added more to this post to ensure its authenticity and efficiency.