How-To Avoid Becoming a Victim of Hackers [Infographic]

The internet is full of mysteries, code masters and hackers who love to play with other people. You have to give credit where it is due – some of these online hackers have done and achieved great things through their intelligence and vast amounts of knowledge.

Defcon Logo

One such convention – that brings together hackers from all around the world is called “DEF CON“. It’s not just about computer hacking, it’s also about innovative technology and tricks that show the endless possibilities of computers and technology in general.

Though, most of the time, DEF CON members are skilled and experienced experts who have no intention of trying to bring down the government (not out in the open), and the last thing such people would do is hack random blogs or do phishing attacks to collect Facebook accounts. They’ve got bigger fish to try.

The hackers crackers that this infographic is talking about, they are mostly people who are looking to earn money with their lucky charm and lack of real knowledge. Gaining access to your accounts they can utilize several actions, such as:

  • Read Your Emails
  • Modify Your Blog / Website
  • Send Fake Emails
  • Access Your Bank Data
  • Steal Sensitive Information

It all depends on who you are on the web, and how much influence have you got. The kids that do these phishing attacks sometimes “grow up” and want to gain access to more important accounts as a way of pleasing their ego and and adrenaline rush.

I’d like to think that seeing the difference from a real email and a fake one (the most common way of phishing is email attacks) is the fact that a real one is going to feel like a real email. You can compare the original email with a phishing attack and the difference will be clear like the sun in the sky.

Information Security - Phishing Infographic

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