Here you will see our 3Commas review and after that, you will be able to understand its importance. 

3Commas is an online service for those who want to trade cryptocurrencies to the next level. Each of its functions is aimed at increasing the profitability of trading and reducing the time spent on it. It allows you to fully automate trading using bots or do it partially with separate order settings.

3Commas features

The service provides access to additional functionality that is not available on cryptocurrency exchanges. At the same time, the possibilities available on them are preserved here.

Manual trading with Smart Trade

The technology allows you to conduct pending trading according to the specified parameters. The user sets the condition for starting a deal and closing it manually. Of the classic functions, Stop Loss is available here, including by timeout, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, limit orders.

In addition to the listed options, 3Commas provides:

  • Trailing Buy – following the price in search of the best market entry. The system monitors how the quote rises or falls in order to open a deal after a reversal.
  • Step Sell – selling an asset in parts as the price changes (ladder). The user sets the prices of all steps and volumes manually.
  • Smart Buy and Smart Sell – the liquidation of an existing position with the simultaneous opening of a new one in the opposite direction.
  • Smart Cover – selling a coin with its subsequent purchase at a better price in case of an unplanned market movement against the trader’s position.
  • The peculiarity of 3Commas is the ability to fine-tune each of the listed options.

Bots are traded here. These can be either simple algorithms for managing one instrument or the trader’s own bots for trading different pairs.

The advantage of the service is the ability to copy the algorithms of other 3Commas users and use them in your trading. Separately, it is worth noting the option bot available here, which greatly simplifies the work with one of the most complexes, but at the same time very profitable financial instruments. Bots can rely on TA Presets to work, which positively affects their results.


Add as many coins as you like to your portfolio. Track the profitability of other traders and borrow profitable investment ideas. There is an auto-balancing function so that the asset ratio always remains at the same level. The latter can also be copied from other traders, whose profitability is higher. It is great for SafeTrading 3Commas review.

Other possibilities

3Commas allows you to connect to different cryptocurrency exchanges from one account. At the moment, the service works with 21 large sites, including:

  • Binance + DEX and US;
  • Huobi;
  • FTX;
  • OKEx;
  • BitMEX;
  • HitBTC.

3commas exchanges

You can work with 3Commas through a special mobile application for iOS and Android.

There is access to API, free and paid signals from TV, Crypto Quality Signals Premium, Cartelsignals, and others.

The service will notify you about the change in the status of the transaction in the browser, Telegram, by e-mail and in the mobile application.

Account registration

First, on the main page, you need to click the green button “Register”. It is located in the upper right corner of the main page of the site.

A pop-up window will open, in which there is a form for creating a personal account. There are 3 ways to register here:

  • through an Apple account;
  • by linking your Facebook profile;
  • using a regular questionnaire.

It is possible to use the first two methods only when logging in to the corresponding service. Do it in advance or in a pop-up window directly on the 3Commas website. To register in the usual way, the questionnaire is asked to indicate only the email address and password from the future account. Acceptance of the terms and conditions and privacy policy is automatic here.

After clicking on the registration button, automatic authorization occurs in your personal account. It is not yet necessary to confirm the previously specified email address.

On a new page, 3Commas offers to connect the exchange using API keys, and then get to know the service. This is optional: click the blue hyperlink at the bottom of the screen to skip this step.

You are now in an account with full access to all the features of the 3Commas maximum plan – the free trial period lasts for 3 days.

Trading with bots

3Commas allows you to trade DCA and GRID bots:

  1. DCA works according to the averaging strategy, but not in its classic version. The task of the DCA bot is to determine the support levels and place safety pending buy orders based on them. Thus, the position is averaged, but only on the condition that the quote reaches your safety positions. In addition to entries, the algorithm also determines the optimal exit points from the market and sets Take Profit. DCA bot is especially effective for long-term corrections with small price bounces. 3Commas allows you to customize the algorithm for any parameters, for example, the condition for the start of a deal by a signal. These can be RSI, TA Presets, QFL, and others. The CQS Scalping signal, popular among traders, is not on the list, but 3Commas offers another bot for scalping – GRID.
  2. GRID is a “grid” bot. In manual mode, it operates within a predefined range that you define yourself. Set the minimum and maximum prices, the number of grid orders, and other algorithm settings. In the automatic version of setting up the bot, he performs all the necessary actions himself: from choosing the settings that are optimal in his opinion to performing trading operations. This algorithm is more suitable for scalping in low volatility markets, for example, during flat and when trading stable coins.

Terminal work

3commas- terminal work

Here, you can trade normally, just like on a cryptocurrency exchange, but with some additional features – say the analyst of SafeTrading.

One of them is combining several orders into groups. When any of the orders are executed, the rest are automatically canceled.

For example, you created 2 limit orders (1 long and 1 short) and combined them into a group. As soon as the quote for the selected asset reaches the set purchase price, the short order will be automatically deleted.

There is no limit on the number of orders. Leverage can be changed in one click with a simple slider.

Manual placement of a grid of orders is possible. Also available from their settings:

  • time-out;
  • lifetime;
  • trailing.

The required indicators can be added to the chart.


The SafeTrading team believes this service is great for experienced investors and traders. Of course, it cannot be said that there are also many advantages for beginners in this service. It is very important to use it correctly and for its intended purpose, so we recommend that you try to understand it a little more before using it fully.

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