Robotics technology is a blend of science and engineering to build mechanical robots that are used to make the lives of humans safer and easier. Robots were usually built to handle monotonous tasks, but recently, they have evolved a lot after the advancement of science. Read on to know more…

Robotics is a branch of engineering that requires conception, design, manufacture and operation of robots. These machines have intellectual and mechanical capabilities that can be used as a substitute for human actions. This technology has not just come into being, it has been out and about for a long time now. According to a report, in 2005, 90% of all robots that were created were successfully used to assemble cars in automobile factories.

Initially, robots only consisted of two arms attached to a machine that could do everything a human could. However, gradually, robots were made to look like humans and could talk and imitate their actions. They have evolved enough to assist humans in all departments like healthcare, law enforcement, and even scientists who want to explore the Earth’s harshest conditions.

Types of Robots

Technically, robots can come in different shapes and sizes and they are used according to the task at hand so that the work is completed efficiently. Generally, there are five types of robots:

  1. Humanoid Robots – They look and behave like humans. These robots are usually designed to perform every task a human can, for example, running, jumping, carrying food, and waiting on tables. Some humanoid robots also have faces and voices like humans do.
  2. Autonomous robots – These robots are designed to carry out tasks in an open environment and do not require any human supervision. These bots have a unique feature, a sensor, that helps identify the surroundings and work accordingly, for example, lawn mowers, autonomous drones and bots that are required in medical assistance.
  3. Augmenting robots – These are neither designed to replace human behaviour or change it. They are designed for strengthening humans even further. This is the area where the science fiction that is usually seen on screen could soon become a reality. For example, the prosthetic arms or the exoskeleton that is used to lift heavy material.
  4. Teleoperated bots – These are wireless bots that can be operated by humans from a safe distance. They usually work in extreme conditions, be it geographical, the weather or any other circumstance. For example, a drone that is used on the battlefield or submarines that are controlled by humans and sent underwater for further discoveries.
  5. Pre-programmed bots – These bots are designed for monotonous tasks and usually work in controlled environments. They are usually used to replace human behaviour. For example, a robotic arm that has its job cut out for it. Bots are used to make humans stronger and more efficient. 

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