I don’t think I have ever seen a product launch as poor as Apple’s iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus. Not only are there serious complaints about the durability of the devices, people are not happy with late iOS 8 updates – Apple pushed a new update for the system, but quickly withdrew it since it didn’t fix some essential bugs.

The new version of the Apple’s mobile operating system is packing some great features, like multimedia messaging for example. The new iPhone 6 enables for its users to send messages that contain audio, location data, or even a pre-recorded video. I’m sure Viber, and WhatsApp are very happy about those new features!

Though, what is multimedia messaging to developers who’re looking to build secure and safe applications? Ethical hacking or not, but the iCloud celebrity fiasco continues to be one of the most talked about news of the month. It appears that there have been more leaks since the original attacks, don’t let those pictures eat up your productivity.

Secure Coding Practices for iOS 8

Learning to program in secure environment is the art of knowing how to resist, and prevent an attach from either people, or programs that have been built to attack our apps. By learning the secure programming practices, we learn how to prevent the theft of data from our users.

Not to mention, an application that’s poorly secured can result in the attacker gaining access to the whole server hosting it, which can further lead to loss of revenue, loss of clientele, reputation crash, and much more.

It’s not to say that Apple doesn’t have its very own secure coding guide section, they’ve got that covered, but the problem that the presentation is trying to address is SSL issues – government interference, lack of security precautions, and do you remember Heartbleed? I have a feeling that iOS security is going to be a very talked about topic in the near future.

Learning to Build Apps with Swift & iOS

Mobile application developers are making some serious cash right now, and it’s always great to see how the market is exploding after a new version of an oparting system gets announced, as the new version usually means that it’s time to update and rethink the technology being used in developing something great. Do you want to learn Swift / iOS development?

I published some information on how to signup for an amazing app development course that takes you through the ins and outs of both Swift (Apple’s new programming language), and iOS 8 (Apple’s new operating system) – the course takes only six weeks to complete, and by the end of it you’ll have built fifteen unique applications, giving you enough experience and scope to work on your own.

Secure Programming Practices for iOS 8 Developers

The whole mobile ecosystem is changing, perhaps not as quickly as anticipated, but mobile industry is definitely going to see some major changes over the years, and one of the biggest concerns is still going to be security. The demand for professional hackers has skyrocketed in the past few years. You see, many developers prefer to stay safe, rather than sorry.