The modern world has revolutionized payroll management. As a self-employed business owner or independent contractor, you need to embrace this modernization. One fundamental way is through being on top of your paystubs. From the IRS compliance needs to the payroll tax calculations, paystubs can be game-changing. As a self-employed business owner such as a freelancer, you may be wondering whether it’s worth asking the clients for a paystub. Here are the key reasons to consider it.

To Show When You Started Working

One valuable feature of pay stubs is that they capture a lot of information regarding the engagement with the client. Besides the monetary information, you can quickly tell more about when you started working for the client. It’s possible to know how long you’ve been in service delivery. Details such as job positions and billing rates will also be present.

To Give a Running Balance of How Much You’re Paid

Anytime you receive a payment from the clients, the transaction needs to be well-documented. It can be helpful when an unexpected issue emerges, and you need to provide the information. There ought to be accuracy in the e-files. Luckily, this is not hard as the online paystub makers give clear guidance on this. When you visit ThePayStubs, you follow a few steps, and you’re done. What you need is to fill inaccurate information before printing.

Currently, platforms have you in mind as an independent contractor as there are platforms that help you create the paystubs. The e-documents tend to be more accurate as they allow customization of the years to dates calculations. It’s also possible to include additional earnings and deductions.

To Show How Many Clients Wants to Pay You for That Service

As you offer services to the clients constantly, there is a cash flow into your account. You may find the payment amounts vary from time to time depending on the services. Sometimes, the payments may be negotiable; hence you’ll conclude after a specific time. Through paystubs, it becomes clear the amount they’re willing to part with for the services.

To Establish a Work History

As a freelancer, you enjoy a lot of flexibility and freedom in your workspace. Being your boss can make you do many things as there is no one breathing down your neck. This nature of working often comes with a challenge when it comes to recording and evaluating tasks. So long as you have accomplished a particular project, you could easily forget about it. Paystubs are therefore much fundamental as they highlight your work history. This can consequently help prove employment for an x period.

Approximation of the Fees

The usage and benefits of paystubs have no limits. They are also much more significant when it comes to giving an approximate fee. It could be by consideration of the market rates for specific tasks. If you charge hourly rates, for instance, the document will make things clear on this aspect. It makes the transactions smooth.

To Proof Income

Through pay stubs, you have another valuable document for proving your income. Sometimes, as a freelancer or independent contractor, you want to expand. This way, you seek financial support from lenders. During such instances, you need to package yourself in the best way, including proving your income. Having documents such as paystubs speaks clearly on your level of income. Since the e-files are highly secured, it means no one can doctor them in any way. Your lender will therefore find the proof of income credible.

Ultimately, a self-employed business owner needs to operate solely by invoice, but the truth is having some paystubs can be significant in certain circumstances. For instance, they help in showing your history of work and even acting as proof of income. These days, it’s effortless to create the e-files, download and print them out. There are reliable online platforms to enable this.

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