Every day developers are faced with unexpected crashes, seeing their application becoming slow or just not behaving as design. And while some developers prepare to those events, many don’t put in the place the tools that will allow them to find the source of the issue fast. While log files have been a basic developer tool, trying to find a source of an exception of an application running over many servers is very tedious, moreover with the move to cloud as the environment becomes more dynamic scaling up and down, some of the information may not be available.

Stackify is a promising tool that can help both small and large businesses with both monitoring their application and infrastructure or cloud, and also provides them the tools to find the root cause of an issue and understand why their application performance is not as it should be.

Stackify offer several type of solutions that can work as a stand-alone or integrated providing you with even more value than each alone:

  • Application & Server performance monitoring
  • Error & log management


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The greatest advantages of Stackify is that it is a very versatile tool, and provides analysis of more than just the amount of users who’re using your application, here is a list of things you can monitor for your apps:

  • Application Performance
  • Servers
  • User Satisfaction
  • Application Custom Metrics that are important for your specific app health or performance (such as specific queues)
  • Application and server availability
  • Database Queries
  • Logging Messages
  • Error Rates


This is all done as part of their application monitoring and presented in a single dashboard, but to top things off – Stackify caters to a wide variety of environments (both Microsoft and Linux based), web and application servers (Apache, NGinx, IIS, Tomcat etc.) and application frameworks(.Net, PHP, Java etc).

Smarter Errors & Logs for Developers

The crown jewel of Stackify is their Smart Error & Log management solution. Having access to complete error and log data in a timely manner is critical when troubleshooting software problems. Collecting that information has been a tedious task, requiring developers to choose tools that either tracked errors or ones that aggregate logs, or manually accessed log files from multiple servers.

StackifySmartELM transforms this market by bringing several very unique capabilities:

  • Context – the product provides developers with the information about everything that happened before, during and after an error was generated, providing them with a complete picture and making it easier to reproduce and resolve the issue.
  • Error-aware logs – the product not only brings log statements to a central location for all apps and environments, but the solution is error-aware and allows developers to easily identify and investigate errors.
  • Proactivity – with this product developers can immediately identify which application or environment is generating errors as they are trending, so failures will not go unnoticed, and fix it before it affect the business, more over they can set monitors by specific error rate or even amount of specific log statements to notify them before it becomes a major issue
  • Application performance monitoring integration – the solution is fully integrated with the company’s monitoring solution. Providing an elaborated set of tools for application support in one platform

While the solutions supports a variety of languages and platforms. It also offer appenders to common logging solutions (e.g. Log4Net, Elmah, Log4j, Nlog and others) allowing for even simpler installation

There are many reasons and benefits to use this particular system, here are a few:

  • You can monitor your application performance and find what’s not working using one cost-effective platform.
  • You can manage & search logs across all apps and servers
  • In one click you get all the log statements related to a specific error saving you a lot of time
  • You can setup alerts based on error rates & log queries to allow for early notification of issues
  • It expedites the identification of a root cause and allow you to & fix application problems faster
  • You instantly get visibility to monitor cross-servers error-aware logs and all resources in all your apps.
  • Aggregate all of your application errors and alert you when a new error or high error rates occur
  • It allows you to personalized and customized the information you’re monitoring so that you are monitoring you own KPIs

All in all, these guys have a lot of room for growth, but their product is looking bright and has a lot of cool features with simple installation and very reasonable prices. It seems that they are growing very fast and offering more capabilities every month and many new customers have signed with them lately.

If you are interested, the company offers free trial, so you can try it on your own.