15 Great Startups & Apps Built with Meteor

The last two weeks on our blog have been all about getting out that essential Meteor content to get you all pumped up and ready for diving deep into the Meteor coding experience. I think it certainly was a success, with many of the posts already being highly received by the community and the authors, looking forward to any other future suggestions that you may have on the type of Meteor content you’d like to see.

Building a great app, perfecting the design of it, and then marketing it out to the public is a fairly difficult task to achieve, especially if all of these things need to be achieved by a single developer. In many cases they do, since not all startups are willing to invest their time and energy into the Meteor framework. However, a few have already done so, and arguably — without any regrets.

Some are saying that there are better alternatives out there, even more so when it comes to scaling your apps for load balancing, but then there are those who firmly acknowledge the real potential of Meteor’s reactivity, it’s also a good idea to listen to the latest podcast by one of the minds behind Meteor, see what he has to say about the future of the framework.

1. Hagglemate

Hagglemate Amazon Warehouse Deals Discount Finder
How many of these types of applications are out there that we don’t know about? Obviously this is an amazing service, and whilst could be outsourced elsewhere, I feel that Hagglemate offers a remarkable browsing and design experience that makes purchasing things a total breeze. Enter any keyword you want to find a deal for and it outputs the potential deals, with their appropriate prices and discounts.

2. Wishpool

Wishpool Instant customer feedback with ♥
I love these types of apps, and even more so when I come to realize just how quick and versatile they can be made with the help of Meteor’s reactivity. Wishpool allows you to add a information gathering widget to your pages that enables you to gather crucial intel from your visitors, clients and anyone else who is interested in learning more about your product.

3. Telescope

Telescope Build your own Hacker News Reddit or Product Hunt.
Very likely that this was the first big and public Meteor project, and also one of the few old projects that have managed to maintain their momentum and stay alive and kicking during all the transitions that Meteor went through. Telescope offers a Hacker News “clone” — though with an extensive amount of features and possibilities.

4. Writ

Writ A Meteor Markdown app
A very basic and minimalistic writing app that allows you to write using Markdown and experience a different type of editor, if only for a little while. Neat little app that may give you inspiration to start up something of your own.

5. Chaser

Chaser Your invoices paid on time automatically
We know from our Qualified Accountant and Finance Director experience that sending polite persistent chasing emails to customers about their unpaid invoices is key to getting paid on time. Chaser sends these emails for you automatically, with you firmly in the driver’s seat. So you can have confidence in your cashflow and spend less time chasing invoices.

6. Pintask

Pintask is very similar to Trello, though a single big difference seems to be that Pintask is really aimed the developer aimed population, people who are serious and passionate about their tasks! Expect to have access to features such as the ability to write your own Pintask extensions using nothing but Meteor API, and some JavaScript. You also get MongoDB access from within the browser.

7. Reaction Commerce

Reaction Commerce Open Source Node.js Ecommerce
The Reaction Commerce project is aiming to become the World’s first provider of a real-time shopping and selling experience, expect to be able to create an online store that can be updated and organized in real-time, without losing any customers or potential revenue, all thanks to the technology of Node.js, Meteor, MongoDB, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap, and Docker.

8. mmmelon

mmmelon tasks and workgroups
You’ve got a startup team to manage, and you’re looking for something quick and effective to help you manage that team? Perhaps you also need a solution within which the team itself can work closely with each other? Look no further than mmmelon and the Meteor integration that it takes to the next level. A truly amazing project management application that will change your perspective of a quick and easy solution.

9. Assistant

Assistant Your Product Guide
Are you looking to get into the flow of online business, or business in general? Are you in need of closely tailored together tools that can help your business achieve optimal performance? Assistant was built with that idea in mind, you’re the one providing all the details about your company, and Assistant in turn gives you an output of tools and the criteria that they’re based on for you to consider using as an specific solution to a specific task.

10. CodersTV

Watch programming videos or broadcast your coder skills with the world CodersTV
It is what you’d expect it to be, a TV solution for coders! It’s also great to know that the website’s source code is available at GitHub, which means that you can take the concept and turn it into your own project, or actually try and improve the already existing code.

11. Hast

Hast live presentation
Have you ever wanted to create a live presentation on your website? Neither have I. But now there is the possibility to do exactly that by using Hast. Don’t worry, you can create more than just one presentation, all you have to do is create an account. There are custom themes and other neat features also available. Good project to expand upon.

12. illustreets

illustreets Discover the Best Places to Live in England
Are you from England? Even if you’re not, this website is a great example of what can be done with Meteor, and the speed it can be done at. illustreets helps you to find the best spot to live in your country, and although currently limited to England, is most likely easy to expand with the help of the developer behind the original project. Communication is key!

13. Liquid

Liquid Mobile Data Collection Collaboration and Analysis
Liquid is a website and mobile Android app (iPhone & iPad app coming soon!) to easily collect, analyze, and collaborate over data in real time. Simply begin by building a form with our form builder. Customize it to the specific parameters you need ( such as sample #, date, time and pH). Then create a dataset to store all the data you will collect with the form. Once you have your dataset created, get your friends and colleagues to help by adding them as collaborators. Divide and conquer!

14. MathFights

MathFights Become a Math Champion
Is mathematics your stronger side? If so, you’ll love this MathFights app, but if it’s not — you’ll still love it, since it gives you such a friendly environment in which to practice mathematics by playing challenges. You can also play with other people, which brings in the gaming factor of Meteor, I’ve seen it happen a lot lately, a lot of developers (for games, anyway) are starting to create full-blown MMO browser games using Meteor, it’s certainly an interesting market to keep an eye on.

Great Startups & Apps Built with Meteor

Meteor is still evolving, we all know that, but if you take a look at the stuff being built, and the performance of that stuff — it’s clear that there is something to this framework worth exploring, especially the last app that I listed, I feel that Meteor will eventually excel in browser game development, since you automatically can convert any project into an Android or iOS app anyway.