Upcoming Machine Learning Course

Give into the hype of machines helping humans change the future. Delve deep into one of the greatest segment of AI with Machine Learning. Technology is changing rapidly and drastically with computers becoming smarter and faster, bring us closer and closer to a sci-fi future that we’ve imagined since we were kids. Computers are no longer limited to computing the data that we’ve input, rather it now has the ability to actually learn from the data and make sound decisions.

Machine Learning plays a huge role when it comes to teaching computers. So, what is Machine Learning exactly? Machine learning in the simplest words can be defined as “the ability of computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.” Ideally, computers required having to input the algorithms and would solve the problem at hand, but after the incorporation of Machine Learning, the algorithm permits the computers to look at the data, form a pattern and learn from that pattern.

This is the future of computers and technology, and we’ve already started down on this road. Machine Learning already plays a significant role in our lives. A number of devices that you use, actually gathers data which is then passed on to the company. From phones, to coffee machines, to in-car entertainment systems, all of these devices collect your usage pattern.

Eduonix’s Machine Learning Course

With Machine Learning already being labeled as the future of technology, it is never to late to get an early start. Keeping this popularity in mind, Eduonix has introduced a complete hands-on course on Machine Learning that combines 5 real-world projects that cover important aspects of ML such as Supervised Learning, Unsupervised learning and Neural network with deep learning.

The course delves deeper into machine learning and combines the right amount of theory as well as practical knowledge to help you prepare for real world. The five different projects include a step-by-step instruction, that you are expected to build along with the instructor, that will ensure that you understand the practical applications of building each project.

The objective of this course of epic proportions for the students to take away something important, not just a step-by-step instruction guide, but instead actually learn how to incorporate these algorithms into their own projects. They can also improve each project and add more to it as their experience level with machine learning algorithms improve, resulting in a more substantial project.

The Five Projects

The course covers five different projects, which can be subject to change. But, Eduonix also includes stretch goals, which means that more projects can also be added in the future.

Project 1 – Stock Market Clustering Project

Stock Market Clustering Project

This project will use a K-means clustering algorithm to identify related companies by finding correlations among stock market movements over a given time span. It will use the open source data from the Yahoo Finance Python module. Also, in this project you are going to do a PCA dimensionality reduction to plot the data on a 2D plot.

Project 2 – Breast Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer Detection

This second project will build a program to help detect breast cancer malignancies by using a support vector machine. You are also going to use the K-nearest neighbor algorithm to compare and contrast performance with the support vector machine.

Project 3 – Board Game Review

Board Game Review

This project is actually going to be predicting board game reviews and in this project you are going to predict the average reviews on a board game based on characteristics such as difficulty, length, number of players. This will be accomplished by performing linear regression analysis.

Project 4 – Credit Card Fraud Detection

Credit Card Fraud Detection

In this project, you are going to do a credit card fraud detection and going to focus on anomaly detection by using probability densities.

Project 5 – Diabetes Onset Detection

Diabetes Onset Detection

This final project is going to be a diabetes onset detection with deep learning grid search. In this project, you will fine-tune a deep learning neural network by performing a grid search. The network will be used to detect the onset of diabetes based on patient data.

How can you get on board?

If you want early access to this amazing hands-on machine learning tutorial, then all you need to do is go to Eduonix’s Kickstarter Page and simply select a pledge. Depending on your pledge, at the end of the campaign, you’ll be emailed access for your very own course copy.


There are multiple pledge options that you can choose:

  • Super Early Bird for $15: – You will get early access to the Projects in Machine Learning Course. Once, the early bird offer is over, you can get the course st $20.
  • Machine Learning Bundle Early Bird for $25 or more: – This pledge gets you access to Projects in Machine Learning and Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners.
  • Absolute Machine Learning Pack: – 4 courses for $50 or more: This pledge will get you access to multiple machine learning courses such as Python 3 Programming Course, TensorFlow Course, Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners and Projects in machine Learning.
  • 1 Year Access Pass – Early Bird for $79: – This pledge will get you access to all Eduonix courses – past, present and future ones for a whole year!

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