I was gonna post this under startups (which it is), but I think that many bloggers might benefit from this simple platform.

It’s a simple form integration within your blogging or website service that will allow the collection of email addresses of your readers, by adding a simple scrolling form which becomes ‘active’ one the user has scrolled far enough down the page. It will appear on the bottom right corner, but can be modified to appear elsewhere.

SubList Example

You’ll be pleased to know that it includes a REST API, and also allows to export the email addresses, which you can then use to import into a service like MailChimp, or TotalSend.

The main functionality of this platform is to offer a email subscription service to your readers, which will email new posts to subscribers whenever they appear on the blog. This enables you to save money by having to signup on expensive email services that would let you do the same thing. It also saves you time.

Founder of SubList is Alex MacCaw, who is also the founder of (startup for finding the right talent for your team) – he says that he is thinking about integrating SubList with services like MailChimp in future, and that he also understands the ever growing email marketing market.

I think the prices are a little bit high, if we’re thinking in small business numbers, but the fact of the matter is that the service will handle every single blog posts you submit, and that’s where your money is being spent – on those extra sends, you never know when you might be publishing tens of posts in a day.

It’s a good and simple product, I know it will be of home to a few people, mostly those who like simplicity. I’m not quite sure about the security that Alex is using on SubList, so maybe he’ll explain that in a comment below :)