TotalSend - Affordable Email Newsletters for Business Owners

This is definitely not going to be a one on one as to why MailChimp or any other email newsletter platform out there is going to be better than TotalSend.

I actually had no idea who and what TotalSend is up until very recently, and I thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick post – outlining the core values, features and prices. It’s going to help me understand the company better, and it’s going to give you a glimpse of what you can expect. The first impression was great, I was impressed actually.

TotalSend - Features

TotalSend is a company that wants to help you with managing your email newsletters in the best possible way. How can they do that? To begin with, TotalSend offers some amazing features and integration that might appeal to your personality, but also your business. I’ve always believed that anything that costs money, is good and is suited for a business to take advantage of.

TotalSend allows us to:

  • Build Email Campaigns from Zero
  • Populate and Grow Existing Email Lists
  • Import a Database of Subscribers
  • Have Pre-Customized, Modern and Elegant Designs
  • Have Custom Designs to Match Your Brand
  • Use Integrated Social Sharing Platform
  • Track, Monitor and Analyze the Newsletter Performance

TotalSend - Infrastructure

It’s powered and support by big brands, so the need to worry about security and performance issues is literally non-existent, though the judgement cannot be made from someone who barely knows the service. Have you used TotalSend before, have you got any recommendations or bad experiences? I’m looking at the price table, and I think that as the amount of emails you want to send goes up – the price eventually evens out:

TotalSend - Price Table

Here are some notable features that TotalSend offers to it’s customers:

  • Scheduled Emailing Options
  • Integrated Google Analytics Email Tracking (Opens, exits, etc,.)
  • Great Management Options for Your Email Lists
  • Track and Analyze the Tiniest Pieces of Data
  • A/B Testing (send multiple version to see which performs the best)
  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Personalized Emails

TotalSend - Report Panel

I think that services like MailChimp stand out for the fact that they offer 2,000 free subscribers to your email list, while TotalSend is focused on bringing quality and good service to the businesses that use it.