It is barely the beginning of the 21st century and humankind has already attained the Science Fiction reality in almost every domain of the world. Robots. Hoverboards. DNA hacking. There is virtually nothing that technology cannot achieve today.

A lot of you (who are not scientists with secret laboratories) might be wondering that sure, it is awesome to read about the incredible breakthroughs of science over the internet, but where are you ever going to get a chance to experience them in the real world?

Well, we have got news for you! Many of these advanced technologies are making a way into the mainstream of the world with eLearning. Read on to know how.

Augmented Reality

AR works in an interactive way by “augmenting” the real-world environment and objects with digital perceptual information.

With the growing challenges in the area of training, more and more employees are turning to their smartphones for information. And here, AR can contribute to the most interactive ways in the field of eLearning and training. For instance,

  • Retail Training: With the help of Learning Management Systems or LMSs in the style of a smartphone application. These mobile apps can display the entire product range in real-time, along with their functionalities. This creates a highly interactive interface for trainees to learn and complete their training effectively.
  • Healthcare Training: Using an AR headset during training can help surgeons and nurses to successfully complete simple procedures. On the other hand, 3D scanning techniques can help new doctors understand anatomy in a much better way. This will, in turn, improves the practical retention and competency.
  • Industrial Learning: Many leading manufacturing industries are deploying the technology of Augmented Reality in the form of mobile applications and AR smart glasses. With the help of such technologies, trainees (or anyone) can find solutions to problems from experts all around the world in real time.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

There are few things that can truly boggle one’s mind and AI is one of them. With their human-like cognitive abilities, AI has given us a number of intelligent machines and technologies.

And it is no news that when put together with eLearning, AI can create disruptive technologies to work with. And it is:

  • With the integration of artificial intelligence, LMSs can comprise adaptive learning technology which helps the learners to personalize their course contents, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the learning program.
  • Chatbots can be incorporated into learning programs to make the course more interactive and intuitive.

Virtual Whiteboards

A Virtual whiteboard is one of the most beneficial outcomes of modern technology that takes distance learning or remote learning to another level. It provides a virtual platform that acts as a digital whiteboard and works in the same way as a regular whiteboard. You can scribble on the screen and it allows the writing to be shared with the people in conference online in real-time.

But this is not where the advantages of a web whiteboard end. With a virtual whiteboard

  • You can hold Audio conferences and in some cases, even video conferences.
  • You can share and edit files of any format in real-time.
  • You can work with a shared web pages view.
  • You can chat while working and take polls.

There are a plethora of possibilities that can make remote learning or training a cake walk with the help of virtual whiteboards.

Cloud Services

Many cloud-based systems and softwares are making a way into the mainstream eLearning industry and becoming very popular. A number of organizations are even deploying cloud-based LMSs for the training of their employees, thereby, making employee training highly accessible.

These solutions are low-maintenance and hence deliver high-quality learning with the need for complex setups and servers.  And since these services can be easily accessed from a smartphone, they become even easier to use for trainees located anywhere in the world.

In the End


In the world of astonishing technology and customization, we have all kinds of amazing options to choose from. And as eLearning is growing in magnitude, so are the technologies supporting it. The time is not far away when eLearning will become one of the most prominent ways of learning.