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Web design apps have changed the way web designers have been designing websites in a long time. The use of apps today is making things a lot easier and faster, for instance if you are using apps with auto-completion and macros. Designers these days, who prefer to design visually can use some of these apps to create designs, which can be changed into code, which will then be stuck online.

The fact that most of the web development platforms these days are online makes it easy for web developers to use apps in the development of their apps and websites. For instance, if you are far from data connection and you still want to carry on with your project, web development apps will help a lot with this. There is a good number of great web development apps out there. Here are some of the best modern apps that you can consider to use:

1. Cofeecup free HTML editor

html editor web development apps
This is an app that can help you create your own professional-standard websites in just a few minutes. This is the best app to consider if you are looking for a web development app that will do everything for you, especially if you are a Windows user. There are two versions; a free version and a premium, paid version, but both of them are equally impressive. The app combines WYSIWYG design with coding to give you an app that not only runs very fast but is also very easy to master. The free version may lack some of the features that the paid version comes with, but it is still an amazing app to try.

2. Mobirise Website Builder

mobirise website builder web development apps
This is the best app to use if you are creating websites that are responsive and aesthetically pleasing on both desktops and mobile devices. With Mobirise, creating great websites can be really fun. It comes with various blocks which web developers can choose and drag to where they would like them to be, and then change the default settings in order to incorporate their own requirements.

3. PSPad

This is a versatile, text-based editor that comes with a host of amazing tools for web developers. It may not be the best to use, but it is great at what it does. It is a Windows interface that offers a great programming editor which includes templates for the most common programming languages such as HTML, VBScript, an FTP client for on-serving editing, PHP among others.

4. TOWeb

This is a highly responsive web development app that you should consider for your projects. It comes as a free version, which has limitations on some of the features that you can use, and a premium, paid version that has great features that you can use in your web development. TOWeb is a very easy to use app, and contains amazing templates that can be customized. It supports multiple languages as well.

5. Google Web Designer

This is the best app to use if you want to create stunning animations for your websites. It is mainly used by animation and advert designers, meaning if you are the kind of designer that creates animated elements for use in other programs that can be accessed on all platforms, this is the app to use. There are a number of components you will love within the app including Google Drive integration, events, 3D objects, layers among others.

6. Weebly

This is a very simple drag-and-drop editor that is best suited for beginners who are designing their first sites. This app comes with free hosting and unlimited pages, among other great features. If you want to create a fantastic website without taking too much time to create it, this is the right program to use.

7. BlueGriffon

This is one of the best design apps you will find right now. It is based on Firefox, and offers a modern approach of creating great websites. It has outstanding features, and though most of them require a license, there are those that come free, though they are rather limited in their functions compared to the paid ones.

8. openElement

This is a web based app that is great for web development, however, its complexity does not make it ideal for beginners. Despite the fact that it may not be very easy to use, it does give great power to those who have a little experience with web designing.

9. SynWrite

This is a text-based editor that is suited for only the most advanced web developers. The fact that it is text-based may be a bit too much for beginners, but if you have a little experience with coding, this is an app that is worth considering for your web development. It is small and lightweight, meaning you can even carry it around on a USB flash drive. SynWrite is fully featured, with macro recording, clipboard history, plug-ins, stacks of coding helpers, text clips, previews, and color pickers. It also allows developers to search and replace across a variety of files as well as code templates. This is the best app to use for an entire project, as it can be used right from the layout to the coding.

10. Webflow

This is a stylish web development app that can help you design brilliant, aesthetically pleasing websites. It is an online app that offers great features if you pay for them, meaning you can expect some great features if you are willing to part with a few extra dollars. There is the free version as well, however, this does not have as many features as the paid version, which obviously limits what you are capable of in the app.

Web development apps are meant to make your work easy by providing some of the features and tools you will need as a developer. Your choice should depend on the features that you are looking for, and the type of website you would like to create.