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Blogging has been established as a trusted method of communication in last decade. The art of blogging came with the commercialization of internet where individuals wanted to share their opinion and view points about certain topics. Yes, video documentation took a big chunk of share from the core blogging but it is still bigger than any organic traffic channels.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the future of fashion blogging. What will happen to this interesting genre? Will it stay or will it go away with the invasion of vlogging and other promotional activities.
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In case if you are not familiar with fashion blogging, this is a form of blogging where bloggers talk about their personal choices and lifestyle when it comes to fashion. Fashion blogging is very personal as almost all bloggers talk about their own journey and experience. They are often not sponsored by any fashion companies out there and thus, they are able to offer you their honest opinions regarding different products, trends and fashion accessories.

Now, fashion bloggers have played a major role in making trends all the time. People listen to what they say, people love what they wear and when they talk good about a certain product, the products definitely get a good boost in terms of sales and attention.

With all of that in mind, is the future of fashion blogging going to be advertiser dependent? Well, there are different ways to look at it. The first thing that you have to understand is the fact that the fashion bloggers who write about fashion do it for two reasons. One, they are interested about fashion as a whole and two, they earn a good revenue from methods like Google Adsense and private sponsorships.

With videos taking a big jump in last few years, it is expected that the written blog industry will go down in the next decade. This also means that the number of people who are reading blogs instead of watching videos are going down. Yes, you still look for written blogs when you are searching for a scientific document or something of that importance but when it is a visual medium such as fashion, most prefer watching a video rather than reading a blog when they both offer the same value.

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Now, one major reason that more and more fashion bloggers created their websites and started writing is because of the money and fame that comes with the blog. Whether they admit or not, this has always been one of the biggest inspirations for all of them and as it is on a threat of going away, this will definitely discourage the fashion blogging industry to thrive as a whole.

That’s exactly what happened in the last one or two years. We haven’t seen any new major fashion blog or website pop-up in the industry and the reason is exactly what we have expected. Also, with technical difficulties such as ad-blocking tools are affecting the earning of all kinds of bloggers as a whole which is another reason that why people are not getting interested into blogging anymore.

There is another angle to look at the future of the fashion blogging industry. If you think about the most famous fashion bloggers at this very moment, you will interestingly notice that you have been following them all on platforms like Instagram for the last one or two years. You do not go and read their blogs unless they actively tell you to do so in their social media platforms which you follow. Instagram has been the biggest threat and opportunity at the same time for fashion bloggers. More and more fashion bloggers and models are popping up due to Instagram and that is cutting the revenue of the blogging industry as a whole.

In a nutshell, the future does not look bright for the fashion blogging industry if we only talk about the written website based communication methods. Not many companies are interested anymore to offer sponsorship to websites when they can do it on a visual medium such as YouTube or Instagram at the same or even cheaper price. Also, viewers are not interested to read about something anymore when they can just watch it. All these things have cropped into the future of fashion blogging and the future is not looking bright.


However, there is another angle to look at it which is honesty. Bloggers are way more honest than Instagram influencers or YouTube video producers in general. Where YouTube video producers have a lot to think about in terms of copyright violation and where Instagram influencers don’t get enough sponsorships when they are being rude to one company in general, it is not the same with website based bloggers. They have more freedom in terms of being able to express their true point of views and opinions regarding different topics.

There is another benefit that the regular bloggers have which YouTube or Instagram doesn’t have which is the power of search engine. Search engines like Google has always been supportive of websites that provide valuable information. Even today, if you need information about a certain fashion topic and if you go to Google and search for it, the chance is high that you will end up in a fashion blog than being in an Instagram profile or on a YouTube video.

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At the end of the day, it is time for the fashion bloggers to re-brand themselves with the new age technologies available around. All social media platforms including YouTube should be used to drive traffic and attention to the main blog where they talk about fashion and lifestyle. That way, they will not only be able to retain their existing viewers but will also be able to receive new traffic from those different channels. Social media is here to stay and if bloggers avoid the existence of social media, it is only going to bring harm in their personal brand.