It’s good to know that there are pioneers out there who’re willingly creating products for people who need help with setting up an eCommerce store within a couple of clicks. I want to write about Tictail because I find it incredibly amazing, easy to use and also feature rich which makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The Tictail project originally launched in 2012, and has recently been getting noticed by some media outlets, and other influential people around the web, like myself. (duh!)

Created by a bunch of Swedes, Tictail wants to enable creative, and business oriented people to start their own online stores within a couple of short clicks. It offers a variety of designs which can be customized and also changed whenever you like, it allows the integration of social media platforms and it also supports plenty of currencies for those who’re not sure whether Tictail is limited only to Sweden – it’s not.

These guys are now all over the place, with offices both in Stockholm and New York. You can always apply for a job, if you’re looking to work with a bunch of creative weirdos who are passionate towards that what they do.

Tictail Features

Tictail makes money through their apps system, which enable the store you’ve created to have additional features and other enriching tools that might help to grow your business. You can read more about each of those apps on this page. It does mean that Tictail is completely free of charge, and apps are their main business model.

Yes, you can have a custom domain name if you want, and yes – you can integrate the store with a blog of your choice. It’s pretty amazing that Tictail offers to the market, at no cost at all. The official help page has a lot of your questions answered, and it will further help you understand just how amazing this startup really is.

I’m glad I was able to find Tictail, and I’m definitely going to be using it for my online store needs. I’m wondering whether anyone in the community has tried Tictail before, and what has been your experience?