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Software development is an interesting theme. There’s a significant amount of fragmentation of devices and Operating Systems (OSs) with the three leading mobile platforms including; iOS for Apple, Android for Google, and Windows for Microsoft fighting for the best spot in the industry.

As to which of the three is the current best is a discussion for another day. Today however, we’ll take a tattletale preview of the other current best, the top 10 best android blogs you can follow to catch up with the latest software’s, mobile apps, and alternative tech related topics in the industry.

Check out the following:

1. Android Developers

Android App Development
It’s certainly top of the top 10 best android blogs to follow. This is the professional web page for Android software development engineers. It provides credentials of software developers, Android studio and SDK. It’s also rich in app tools, trainings, app code samples and much more.

The site is also helpful to individual developers as it allows them an opportunity to sell their apps to other people. But in order to acquire this service, you may have to register and pay $25 in fees.

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2. YouTube Channel

Other than the official web page, Android App developers have a separate you tube channel with videos often posted live from Android events, App launches, Demos, and Tutorials. The channel has also been airing high quality inspirational stories from companies such as Hunt and Haystack
Besides the official web page and YouTube channel, the developers also run a twitter account for both the developers and Android users to meet, interact, learn and share in their best experiences.

3. Android Open Source

If you’re into software development, unlike in the above two, you will find an entire source code available here. This blog offers the data you need to create personal variants of the Android stack and the Intel you need to port other accessories to your Android device as well as how to guides.
The software stack is a project led by Google. The open source code also allows you free access to Android security advisories and a chance to ensure your devices meet standard compatibility requirements. That’s on top of the opportunity to restructure your own device’s security settings.

4. Vogella

You’ll probably find Vogella the most comprehensive of the top 10 best android blogs. This one covers everything Android; from programming tutorials, Android softwares, Debugging, Google Maps such as Android API and other mobile apps as well as how to guides among other services.

If you’re just learning how to develop an app, vogella has not only the right training program for you but also the right supporting materials such as Git development and implementation support. And what’s more? You can as well store and access your data using the SQlite database system.

5. Android Guys

android guys
Like Vogella, Android Guys covers everything Android. It’s the place to be when looking for a comprehensive package in software development, news, reviews, interviews, podcasts, insights, and apps. They even have an accessories store for Android softwares and brand mobile devices. And also there’re always a step ahead of the rest with top rumors on trends and unreleased apps and devices.

6. Android Community

Android Community
From the name you can tell this is about a family. Or so a couple of families brought together. In this blog, Android developers, customers, tech enthusiasts and other professionals come together to share in their Android experiences. The blog works closely with Google to get the latest news.

Beyond the news, Android Community is also popular for its comparative product reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets, and software sales as well as a collection of the best deals of the same at a particular time period in the market.

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7. Android Police

With the many Android contract links, contests, and winners’ giveaways Android Police most certainly merits the top 10 best android blogs in 2016. You wouldn’t be so kind if it missed or would you? Guess not! Other than the giveaways, the blog is also phenomenal with important leaks on essential Android products; softwares, smartphones, tablets, and TV plus mobile apps.

8. Android Tapp

This one is very engaging. Other than the usual; apps, news, and review segments, AndroidTapp also runs socially engaging pieces including HD games, racing games, and brain teasers for kids. That aside, you can also count on the blog to get you up to date with trending topics on Android services and products.

9. Fragmented Podcast

You’ll find something new to learn about software development every time you visit Fragmented Podcast. Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal often engage other Android developers on the same on a biweekly basis. The topics range from Android tools, to patterns, practices, apps, and creativity
For instance, last week on Monday, Felker and Gopal shone the bright light on vector drawables; how to use the same today in Android development, the recommended usage and formats, merits and demerits of using the same among other essentials of the technique in software development.

10. GitHub

Of the top 10 best android blogs, this is the largest code host with more than 22.7m code sources. In their own words; the blog helps individuals create personal projects, try out new programming languages, and also host their earlier projects. The blog also helps businesses by supporting their development processes as well as by providing the platform to securely make up their softwares.

Also, if you want to collaborate with other developers in handling payable projects, just click on the link below for interesting programming gigs.
Besides this list of top 10 best Android blogs, you can also find everything Android by following the following experts, namely: Paul Buirke, Cyril Mottier, Taylor Ling, Roman Nurik and others.

You may also check out the following blogs for more breaking news, insights, reviews, and apps: Andriod Weekly, Android Forums, Android Reviews, Android News,, Android Hive, Android Market,, and AndroidPIT, If you are aware of some other blogs you can let us know in the comment box below.


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