Content Marketing

In a recent infographic we learned how content marketing affects search engine marketing, this one is going to be slightly different and instead offer the types of content that are incredibly converting and appealing to the majority of online users.

We know that creating content and marketing it can be really beneficial to us and our businesses. We also know that it’s now an essential part of any business strategy, without a proper content marketing strategy it’s very hard to reach the right customers at the very right time. We’ve also got to take into account the fact that bigger brands have got a bit of advantage over us. We must act fast and think differently, in order to help our business grow.

This infographic covers the four most popular content types today.

  • eBooks: still a very viable way of promoting and gaining attention. especially good if you’re looking to increase your email subscribers. giving away a free copy of your eBook can really make a huge impact on how people view you as a generous and knowledgeable person.
  • Infographics: like the one you’re viewing right now. it has now settled, that infographics are a great way of promoting content and knowledge, and also an amazing way for marketers to build links and real relationships. look for professional designers who know how to create stunning material.
  • Blogging: while an old technique, still the one that produces the most results, and will continue doing so for the next 15-20 years when we can expect new technology to take place of blogging. don’t think too much about the future and keep blogging.
  • Whitepapers: detailed analysis, reviews and professional advice from a whitepaper can really show the world that you are serious and know what you’re doing. there is a gap between the amount of people willing to read and learn from whitepapers, but that’s exactly what you need – an advantage.

Well, that’s about it for the basics. I hope you’ll enjoy this small infographic, and ask away if you’ve got any questions on your mind.

Top 4 Content Types for Maximum Marketing Results [INFOGRAPHIC]