The lead generation strategies used by companies now have changed a bit from what people used before. There are some strategies that you can do that will allow you to grow and improve your business.

You just need to understand what lead generation is. A lead is someone who has shown some interest in the type of business that you have. They usually provide contact information to do some of the following:

  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Watch your videos and webinars
  • Download a free guide

A lot of times, companies get these leads through emails. At times, they may also get them through the phone. You can hire a PHP developer to help you create a website that will generate leads.

This means that any strategy that makes the “leads” allow you to contact them is already a lead generation strategy. No matter what type of company you have, you can come up with the best strategies that will work for you.

8 Best Strategies to Try


Remember that you do not have to try all of the strategies to generate leads. At times, you only need one or two of these strategies to work for you. There is no universal formula that can make your company grow. You need to come up with something based on what your company needs.

1. Make different opt-in opportunities.

You should not just make any random opt-in opportunities. Make sure that you create a few that will make people want to opt-in because they cannot resist. Some of the usual opportunities include the following:

  • Webinars
  • Resource Guides
  • Worksheets

2. Test the right way.

There are different tests that you can do so that you will get to know your market better. Make sure to test properly. If you don’t, you will only end up with disappointing results that you cannot use.

Do you know that even the right words that you will use will make more people want to converse with you? For example, when you use “my” instead of “your,” you have a higher chance to make conversation.

3. Should landing pages be clear?

You need to create a landing page that will be easy to understand. Remember that your target market does not want to do a lot of thinking anymore. Landing pages are meant to make people realize that they can just start doing things without processing any more information. This can turn out to be more effective than a 3-minute video.

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4. Create ads that people will understand and appreciate.

It is only normal to write ads but remember to write great ads. You need to create something more compelling. You need to have an ad that will make people click on it. There are going to be some ads that are similar to yours. The last thing that you want is to just have an ad that is similar to your competitor.

5. Provide offers that people will like.

Check out your competition at this point. What are they offering to customers? Do you think you can offer something better? If you answer yes, then make sure to give a better offer. When people realize that they like your offer more, they will be more likely to choose your company over the others.

For example, you already know that the competition can also give a free trial of their products. What if you can offer a longer trial. You may also offer some features that your competitors are not providing for free.

6. Consider remarketing.

Are you familiar with what remarketing is? This is when a senior PHP developer creates a few marketing tactics to help people who have abandoned your site go back. For example, they did not continue with their purchase at your website. They can be targeted again when they check out their social media pages.

The best thing about this is that remarketing ads will not cost as much as the usual ads. This means that you can save money and still target your potential customers effectively.

7. Host a new event.

The event can be anything as long as it would get the attention of your target market. You can host an in-person event, but an online event can be great because of the pandemic. Your target market can register and become part of the event. You can learn more about your audience through the event too.

8. Offer coupons and discounts.

Have you heard some people say that they only purchase from some websites when coupons and discounts are given to them? It can mean that they will not shop regularly, but they will still shop from you, which is very important given how competitive the market is.

How Can PHP Help with Lead Generation Strategies?

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The top PHP developers will have the ability to create websites that will be easy to navigate. The more people understand what they have to do, the more they would love to interact with you and your website.

A PHP web developer also develops about 80% of the websites found on the internet right now. Knowing this, the only thing you should do is search for the best one to help you with your website. The salary of a PHP developer may also differ depending on the person’s years of experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills.


The more leads you have, the better that you will be able to market your brand, products, and services to people. Make sure that you have a dedicated PHP developer to help you out. It will make a lot of difference.