Magento is an eCommerce platform that is open-sourced to make it available for anyone to use. The platform is based on PHP. It provides the open-source technology that gives full control to any online merchant of designing his online store. Each e-store owner is dedicated to ensuring the shortest possible loading time on the webpage. 

Why Use Magento 2?

The key objective with Magento 2 release is to boost the consumer experience in comparison with Magento 1. All the online merchants are thinking about whether to switch to the new system with the implementation of Magento 2 by Brainvire or not.  So we’ll talk about why you should do it. 

Better Performance and Scalability

Magento 2 has an innovative indexer to accelerate application efficiency compared to Magento 1. The indexer updates data periodically to increase your online store’s pace, including catalog data, customers, rates, and stores. The newer one is 1.5 times faster in load pages than the previous Magento, and when the cache is activated, it is further reduced to 0.75 seconds. Compiling PHP code from any computer can be carried out due to the addition of varnish 4.

Magento 2 is Mobile-Friendly

With more and more consumers coming online for shopping, the number of active mobile devices has increased rapidly. It is seen that approximately 62 percent of internet users purchasing online use their smartphones. Businesses need to make sure that mobile users can easily browse their online stores. This is where Magento 2 plays a big role. The templates in Magento 2 respond to both mobile and desktop-based applications by default and can be used to ensure the site is workable smoothly. 

The whole Magento 2 administration panel is tactile and simple to manage and monitor your e-commerce store. The checkout experience has been enhanced, and more improvements for smartphone users are added regularly.

Limitless Customization

All companies are distinctive when designing the website and their web page requirements to sell their products online. You would like to customize your webpage to stand out from the crowd. The Magento 2 platform allows you to install themes, plugins comprehensively, and customize the layout to fulfill your business requirements. The default PHP package manager for all module setup is also built-in with Magento 2. This restructured codebase would indeed offer all developers great relief. Few other main logic modules were properly categorized to comfort the customization process.

Customizable Security Features

Magento 2 has improved safety features which ensure user credentials are safe and secure. You can configure multiple protection levels for your webpage with Magento. You can even add an extra protective layer to your e-commerce store by using features such as two-factor authentication. Pick a customized route for your admin portal to avoid undesirable attackers to hack your page. You can also use  SSL to protect all your websites to ensure consumer trust when purchasing on your website. All of these guards your online business. With Magento 2, you continuously receive security updates to protect you from every hack or malware attack.

Custom Integrations

Magento 2 enables famous payment systems and other third-party plugins to be incorporated into the websites. This enables retailers to build their webpages with an overall excellent experience so that the service can reach a much broader audience. The Magento platform supports everything by providing an easy management system. This is one of Magento 2’s main advantages in developing a framework for eCommerce stores. Thus Magento 2 is a perfect option to upgrade your system into. Magento can also help you customize each web store in its way.

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Less Testing Efforts

As the system is new, all forms of automated testing techniques are available. This allows the developer to better configure the framework and check whether or not any of the website’s core features are broken. The test framework of Magento 2 is a cross-platform open-source solution for testing every application. It does not rely on the operating system and makes it easier for developers to configure the Web page on different platforms. It also supports multiple tests to minimize time complexity.

Magento 1 is Outdated

From 1 June 2020, Adobe, the parent company of Magento, has ended the support for Magento 1. this means that the company has stopped releasing the security patches for the old version. So every platform user should migrate to the newer one to avoid any hamper in the business.


Many are there, but the above mentioned are the most important benefits of using Magento 2 for the eCommerce website that you want to create. Hopefully, this article will persuade you to upgrade to the newer Magento version.

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