What makes an app do wonders in the market? High downloads, high revenue, or increased activity time! But that’s not all. 

The thing that defines the app’s success is the tools & technologies backing the app development process.

And when it comes to determining the right one for your mobile application development, you should have the best tools and technologies to support the process. Because selecting the top tools & technologies is a one-time investment. 

If you opt for tools & technologies that are superior, then you will reap long term advantages. Still, if the tool or technology turns out to be inferior, you will have to reinvest and start afresh! That’s why we recommend you to choose wisely straight from the start! 

What’s the reason behind choosing a top-notch tool & technology? Because once you select the tool & technology, this will be the ultimate deciding point of your mobile app’s qualities and capabilities. And as we mentioned changing in the future after not getting satisfactory results, complete modification, and more costs!

Your startup needs to focus on the scalability factor rather than at the moment solutions (which most of the startups ignore these days). It’s necessary to choose the best tool & technology to suit all your requirements in your startup app.

How to start with the process?

Start by thoroughly examining the features and requirements the application has. After that, check the tools & technologies that would help you develop those features and functions. And then pick up the best accordingly!

More importantly, if you think that all this is more technical, you can always ask an App Development company to guide you throughout the process.

Check out the curated list of the best tools & technologies that boost the app development process.  It is advisable to select the best for you after researching closely.  

Top app development tools 

To ease your work from the plethora of tools available, we have mentioned the tools’ strengths and key features. 

1. Xamarin

If you ask any native app developer, which is the best tool for native apps… then the answer will undoubtedly be Xamarin. Microsoft owns it, so be rest assured you wouldn’t have to worry about your app’s safety.  

Moreover, suppose you are thinking of developing an app on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. In that case, you will quickly get developers as about 1.4 million developers use Xamarin.

Features complementing Xamarin

  • Faster results as Xamarin tends to process fewer bugs
  • Makes coding easier due to platform-specific Intelli-sense.
  • Allows communication with native APIs because of mono framework integration
  • Provides a comfortable cycle of app processing – build, test & deploy.
  • Application indexing and deep linking allowed.
  • Creates high performance shared libraries that include UI controls, cross platforms libraries, and third-party libraries. 

2. Appcelerator

Appcelerator is the favorite among developers. You know why?! Because it allows developers to have fewer lines of coding. It is used to develop both native cross-platform applications. It even supports browser-based Html5 applications and Windows.

More importantly, it has platform-specific APIs & UI and has an open marketplace that allows developers and users to share templates or extensions. 

Features of Appcelerator 

  • Appcelerator is written in Javascript, which is a widely-used programming language.
  • It has larger cloud capacity limits.
  • Helps in improving the speed of mobile app development.
  • Is directly accessible to platform-specific API using Javascript
  • Supporting tool for any new OS release. 

3. PhoneGap

And finally, here is a mobile app development tool you can use for any cross-platform development. Phonegap is an open-source app development framework and free to use. The fascinating thing is you can make a single app for all mobile devices, be it any android or iOS. 

Features of PhoneGap

  • Functions effectively in CSS, HTML, Javascript, C++.
  • Integrates with a mobile application in lesser time & effort.
  • Helps to extend the application with native plugins and even helps in adding more functionalities.
  • Can be integrated with various libraries.

Through our mentioned tools, we have tried to acknowledge you with the best of tools. We hope that by this time you have selected the tools according to your requirements. In addition to it, we have listed out the technologies as well.

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Top app development technologies

We know, figuring a technology that would work best in favor of your application is a tough job. To help you with that, we have selected a few technologies to ease your process.

1. Java

Throughout the years, Java has proved to be the best programming language for Android apps. Since 2008, it has always been the origin of many thriving apps. It is object-oriented and the official language of the Android application. 

Besides that, it offers numerous open-source libraries and excellent app flexibility. With robust features, it helps your app to be built extensively and effortlessly. 

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2. Swift

One of the prevalent programming languages, Swift is developed for iOS by Apple. A native iOS app needs Swift to proceed on powerfully. It has advanced and exceptional features that bring out an extraordinary apple device, be it any macOS or ipadOS, or watchOS.

You should know that if you desire to get an iOS app developed, Swift is a technology you can lean on. It is safe and smooth for processing iOS apps. With minimal coding and easy to maintain language, it is everything you need for an iOS app along with the iOS tools

3. React Native

A very new open-source framework, React Native is users’ and developers’ favorite technology. And what makes it famous? It can develop a cross-platform app. React Native has the native capabilities to run on multiple platforms with the same features.

React Native is something which you can surely invest in. The growing demand for React Native based apps is skyrocketing. By enabling React Native in the application, both developers and clients can benefit from this latest technology.   

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To sum up

Our article has tried to develop the finest of tools & technologies that can boost your app development process. 

It seems a tough job to choose from a wide range of available options but that would only be the case when you would not know your requirements.

List out all the requirements your app would have and compare it with the features of tools & technologies. Besides, if you feel any obstacle hindering you from understanding the tools & technologies, then consult a mobile app development company. 

In conclusion, what matters is your understanding of your app’s requirements and the most convenient technology you pick for your business.