I’m still running an older version of this phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be exact. It’s a great phone, and it certainly does the job for me. I’ve been able to capture stunning photos ever since I bought the smartphone, and the music quality is beyond amazing. I’m not entirely sure I want to spend money on purchasing a newer version of this magnificent device, when this one is still ahead of many smartphones that are available on the market.

Samsung GALAXY S5

It seems that this newer version of the smartphone is heavily focused around photography, to help you make it better and more accessible. The first features that are given to the public gives us details about,

  • Fast Auto Focus
  • HDR (Rich tone)
  • Selective Focus

all of which will make snapping photos even more exciting. If anything, that would be the reason I would upgrade to this device. It’s water and dust resistant, it’s also heavily optimized for health applications, to help you track the mileage you’re running, or how many calories you’ve burned. It’s becoming a little gadget to help you monitor your own well-being.

Yeah…the camera is going to be 16 megapixels.


I recommend reading this post from TechRadar, to learn more about the features that the Galaxy S5 is going to bring to the market. I think it’s safe to assume that this is going to be another big launch for the company.

It seems that as of March 5th, the smartphone has been made available for pre-order in Romania, as reports GASMArena. The price is 699 euros, and the networking offering it is Orange. It appears that the price has gone up by a 100 euros from the previous versions initial launch. Interesting.

The phone is due to launch officially in April, just a shy couple of weeks away. I’m more excited to learn about the marketing results of this company, than I am about anything else. I’m not a big fan of the privacy invasion these days, and so I try to stay away from these analytical phones.