Mobile Apps Fail

Mobile apps continue to flood the market these days. This is because their demand has gone up due to the increasing use of mobile devices to access the web. People are using mobile devices more these days as compared to desktops. Mobile apps have become an easier way to get things done easily while they are on the move. Mobile app developers have not been disappointing; they have been developing very useful apps for everyone, ensuring that there is an app for everything mobile users need to do on their mobiles. The problem is that some apps are better received than the others. Mobile users are not giving the failing apps a second chance, because there are already so many apps to choose from. Since it only takes a few minutes for users to make judgment on whether your app is good or not, it is good to be careful with any app that you release to the market. The most important thing to learn today is why most mobile apps fail. This will keep you from releasing an app that will not see the light of the day. Consider the following: –

1. Poorly researched market

Poorly Researched Market
Any app starts with a great idea, but this does not always mean that it will end up a success. Once you put that great idea on paper, and you have already created an app, it is important to research far and wide in order to know how best it fits in the market. Aim to find out whether there is a ready market for the kind of app you have created. Ask yourself whether there is a problem that you are trying to solve with your new app idea. Are there apps similar to the one that you are about to create? How well are they doing? Will you make anyone’s life easier through your app idea?

These questions should help you come to terms with the reality in the market so as to ensure that you have defined the idea well for execution. Once you have analyzed the app really well and how well it will fit in the market, take time to think about the people who will be using the app. This will help you come up with features that will be appealing to that audience. Building an app that you think people will want, when in reality they do not need it is a great mistake and this can happen if you do not conduct a thorough research before creating your apps.

2. Improper testing

Mobile Application Testing
Testing is very important as a stage in web development. It is ill advised to launch your apps without testing to see how they will work once in the market. Even after vigorous testing, , there are still defects that remain unseen, only to be reported by the users and reviewers. It is rare to see an app that has been launched without minor issues; however, you can avoid the negative feedback if you test it properly. This way, you will rectify any major problems before the launching.

The apps that have not been tested properly always have some bugs that affect the user experience. Your app may end up crashing, and this means that your users may never try to use it again. It is important to note that most mobile apps that have more negative reviews are those that have crashed in the past, therefore this is something you should avoid at all costs.

3. Disregarding platforms

Disregarding Platforms
All platforms, for instance iOS and Android have very spontaneous interface guidelines. This means that they are different and they operate differently. They have different gestures and prompts and they might have common buttons but those that are placed in different areas. Mobile web developers have to develop for specific platforms in order not to affect their user experiences.

You can develop for multiple platforms though but you always have to incorporate the platform differences in your projects so as to ensure that all the users will have the same experience in using your app. The last thing that you want is to frustrate even a small percentage of your users. Do not forget that users make the decision to use or not to use your app in a very short period of time and they can share information easily these days, thanks to social platforms. You therefore cannot afford to frustrate any end user; otherwise you might have to deal with total failure.

4. Poor user experience

Poor user experience
There are so many mechanisms that are used in the development of an app. These determine the kind of experience a user will have with the app. Your app needs to be spontaneous to be useful to your users in the end. If your users will have difficulties performing even the most basic function on your app then it will likely fail.

Users should be able to spot the functionalities of an app with no strain. If the app is slow, it will end up frustrating its users. You need to work on the loading speed too, to ensure that users are able to do a lot in just a few minutes on the app. How long is the registration process? People do not want to spend so much time on the registration, therefore if the process is long, your user experience may not be the best. Lastly, ensure that your features are easy to access for your users.

Success in the app business depends on the nature of your business and the goals you have set to achieve with your business. Failure to succeed is therefore not always as a result of bad luck as many people would like to believe; there are some other contributing factors. It is important to take time to analyze your app and think deeply about the goals that you have set for your business so as to minimize your chances of failing terribly.