Vloggers Are Getting Famous

The biggest video consuming medium on earth, YouTube is now dominated by vloggers. People love to see their favorite vloggers and the vloggers also do not disappoint their fans by being irregular. Most of the vloggers who have made it big are daily uploaders on YouTube and some of them are now considered as the biggest rivals of Hollywood stars in terms of popularity. How did all of these happen? When did vloggers start to make it big?

In case if you are not familiar with the term ‘vlogger’ then you should know that it is the short form of video blogger. People who blog about their daily life with videos are known as vloggers. Where there was never a proper study on why they are getting famous, it is not that difficult to understand at the end of the day. Here are some of the reasons behind why vloggers are blowing up on places like YouTube.
vloggers are blowing up

They are Entertaining

Let’s face it. We watch daily vloggers because they are entertaining. If they were not entertaining and fun, nothing could have made people watch someone’s video on a daily basis. Yes, video quality, story and everything else are important but if the personality and the videos are not fun enough, vloggers would not be able to reach this far.

One thing that we do not realize is that there are a lot of failed or non-successful vloggers out there too who could not make it big. They use the same platform like the most successful vloggers out there and they use the same technologies too. However, it comes down to the entertainment at the end of the day which cannot be measured using anything other than emotions.


When you are uploading videos on a daily basis, you have nothing but honest life stories and events to put out with your videos. It is not possible for any YouTuber to create a story and act accordingly on a daily basis. The vlogs are spontaneous and they happen as the day progresses of the person who is vlogging.

This honesty plays a vital role in making these YouTubers famous. The YouTube video creators do not only talk about success and fun but they also talk about their daily failures, upcoming events, their goals and strategies on a regular day to day basis which helps everyone feel connected.

There is a thin line between creating and documenting. That’s where most of the popular YouTubers operate. Yes, it is true that some YouTube vloggers stage different activities and events to make their daily life look more appealing but in most cases, they are genuine and their emotions are not acting. This is what keeps people attracted to the channels.
vloggers stage

Daily Videos

In today’s internet age, if you want to stay in someone’s mind for long enough, you have to be repetitive. There is a theory in marketing that if you want to introduce your brand with a consumer, you have to show them your brand identity for more than 6 occasions. Now, we won’t get into the detail of how accurate that strategy is but it is true that vloggers go out of their way to make sure that they are uploading daily videos to interact with their audience.

When someone starts to consume one’s content on a daily basis for a week, a habit is formed and therefore, the audience sticks with the video creator for a long time. Obviously, it is also true that there are other criteria that needs to be filled such as entertainment and fun, but new content on a daily basis is what keeps a lot of people connected.

Fan Base

This is true for even the traditional medium entertainment such as TV shows and movies. However, there is a slight difference. The movie stars will only interact with the fan base when there is a movie coming out. The television show stars will do the same before a new season hits in. On the other hand, the YouTube vloggers do it on a daily basis. They communicate with their fans on the comment section on YouTube, they arrange meet up and events regularly and a lot of them also run sub-reddits and Facebook groups to interact with their fans.

They do not only interact with the audience in terms of receiving praise and criticism, they often ask out for ideas and this creates a collaborative environment which makes the fans feel important.
working with vloggers

Support from Giant Companies

Companies like Disney has always been supportive of vloggers. Disney had contracts with famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie & Jake Paul. These YouTube personalities talked about their Disney shows on their personal channels which Disney benefited from and they also were introduced to Disney’s audience with different weekly Disney shows. Disney is obviously not the only company who is working with vloggers. Samsung works with popular YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat to promote their video gears and products.

This massive support from different companies have helped YouTubers become more popular. These supports have also helped them to get that social recognition which regular video creators don’t receive. All these things have added up in making vloggers even more popular.

It is tough to tell whether vlogging is here to stay or not. Internet is a mysterious place and things can easily change in the next six months. Vlogging, however has been there for a long time now and it seems like it is here to stay as a form of video creation. More and more vloggers are getting into video creation every day and it seems like, a good number of them are getting decent popularity. YouTube, being the prime platform for vloggers has been generous enough to provide a decent share of profit to them as well cutting numbers from video genres such as pranks. Different brands who publishes advertises on YouTube has also been generous towards daily vlogging videos as they are harmless and entertaining at the same time. Keeping all these facts into consideration, it seems like vloggers are going to be more and more famous in near future.