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Being a blog owner makes you realize just how important it is to publish valuable content frequently. Sometimes things get in our way and we are unable to publish anything new for some time, causing a reasonable drop in our statistics. Other times we just want to publish a few quick posts to promote a product we have got coming up.

The bloggers schedule is always busy, the art of writing quick posts is worth taking a look at if you are start to notice a lack of content being published. It’s not something I would strictly recommend.

How-To Write Blog Posts Quickly & Efficiently

Don’t leave your subscribers hanging, writing a quick post is better than writing nothing at all.

Decide on the Post Title,

Start with the post title if you really want to write content quickly. Title is going to determine what kind of a post you will be writing. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, look for content that is being posted on other websites. Even a quick Google search can help. It’s all about adding your own touch to the post you are going to write, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Don’t pick ideas that will require a ton of research, look for something that can be written quickly and still manages to make sense. Like this post for example.

It’s a crucial part of the process, to find a title, an idea.

Decide on the Post Content,

For this post I am using what some call subheadings, where as I like to call them post points. It’s basically a couple of things you want to cover about your post. Like I am doing it right now, the third one will be “Start Writing”. By having decided on the post title and post points before I even started writing, I have saved myself a lot of time.

You can do exactly the same thing. It is going to make writing quick blog posts a breeze. Generally, I tend to write my posts and then figure out which route I want to take while writing. I might have the general idea, but not as specific as I do now, when I am writing this quick post.

Start Writing!

Now that you have a post title, and a couple of post points you want to discuss, start typing away. It’s gonna be easier than other times because you have got a plan and your mind knows that something needs to be written fast. It’s strange how it all works.

If you feel completely stuck, I might suggest using paragraphs more often.

This is a paragraph.

It makes it easier to explain some things in a short manner, rather than trying to come up with more things to say and losing time in process. It’s all in the amount of practice we put towards something. More practice means better results and quicker posts, less practice means the same old.