Zebrello - News Tailored to Your Personal Interests

How many news sites are there exactly? It must be in the millions, I’d think. I just know that it’s a lot, and sometimes trying to keep a track of them all is simply impossible. Zebrello understands this, and wants to help us by offering a free to use platform that will allow you to receive and read only those news that you’ve opted for.

It’s clear that it is going to be category based, so I’m guessing keywords will come into play. I’m not sure how are the sites going to be determined as good or bad, but there could be big potential for an application like this. Mind you, it’s not the first one and it’s certainly not the last.

I’m a fan of these apps, because they do make my life much easier, even if I’m not a loyal user most of the time. In those cases that I do visit such an app, I’m usually presented with some interesting news I hadn’t had a change to catch up with. We will see, it’s currently in BETA and you can request an invite for early access.