Latest JavaScript MVC Frameworks

7 of the Latest JavaScript MV* Frameworks

By on February 12, 2017

JavaScript is currently one of the most popular programming languages that is used on the web today. It was not very popular in the beginning, because it was not designed for server side programming. Because of it being mainly focused on designing User Interfaces, a lot of developers, particularly those that are already professionals, thought Read More...

Website Layout Dimensions Right

Getting Your Website’s Layout Dimensions Right

By on February 7, 2017

One of the rules web designers have to abide by is to design websites for their audience first, then they can consider the needs of the masses. This has become a requirement by Google. A designer must take into account the device size and the browser the page will be viewed on when considering designing Read More...

Become a Freelance PHP Programmer

How to Become a Freelance PHP Programmer

By on February 2, 2017

PHP is a server-side scripting language that was intended primarily for web development but it is also used for general programming. It is a very popular scripting language which has been used for writing of some of the most dynamic websites. The advantage it has over other programming languages is that it is very easy Read More...

Tools to Choose the Right Domain

10 Tools to Help You Choose the Right Domain

By on January 28, 2017

Online presence for many businesses is essential to their overall success. This is because the number of people that have started shopping online is growing significantly than they did in the past. Your products or services are best viewed online as a lot of people conduct their first initial searches online when deciding what they Read More...

What Should You Charge As a Freelance Programmer?

By on January 23, 2017

One of the hardest things for freelancers to do is come up with a pricing strategy that is not only profitable for them, but is also a testament to their skills and experience. There are many freelance programmers who undercharge their clients, and are therefore either taken advantage of, or they have to work an Read More...

Get Around Adblock Users

6 Ways to Get Around Adblock Users

By on January 19, 2017

Adblock is a popular technology that was introduced way back in 2009 in order to block online advertisers. In the beginning, it was supposed to only deal with intrusive ads but these days, it has become so advanced that it blocks all forms of advertisements in websites including text ads, banner ads, pop-ups, link units, Read More...

5 Substitutes for the Hamburger Menu

By on January 15, 2017

Hamburger menus have been in use for quite some time and for a while, they were revolutionary. They are used for full width navigation especially at smaller breakpoints. The technique was mainly used in order to optimize the space or lack of space for desktop and also mobile sizes. For so many years, web designers Read More...