Do you know the saying, “go big or go home?” By briefly analyzing global WordPress statistics, anyone can be persuaded that WordPress technology has no intention to go home, instead, it’s going big – thanks to all the WordPress advantages.

Hosting 61% of the CMS market, WordPress has been downloaded more than 64 million times. There are 50,000 WordPress websites going live on a daily basis, which means someone is launching a new site at this moment. In other words, WordPress technology is the coolest kid on the CMS block and there is a solid reason for that. It allows users to craft attractive and effective websites. By having WordPress development services at the heart of Beetroot, we’ve had many chances to prove this is true. 

What makes WordPress so great? Is it the simplicity, theme variety, or maybe the attractive cost? We’ll go with “yes” for all three while adding two more advantages of WordPress in this detailed review.

5 Top Advantages of WordPress

#1. WordPress is inexpensive

In 2003, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created a new platform, named it WordPress, and unknowingly marked the beginning of a new era. Followed by the creation of WP, tons of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers began writing and sharing plugins to improve the platform’s functionality. Today, WordPress remains a free and open-source content management system. From WP’s official website, you can easily download the platform and begin creating your own site without depleting your budget. There are small fees for web hosting and domain names, but the costs are relatively low. Premium paid plugins and themes are also available to boost your website’s efficiency. However, you can design a good-looking and functional site by choosing from over 6000 free themes and over 54000 free plugins.

#2. WordPress is simple

The famous expression, “easy as pie,” might as well be “easy as WordPress.” This CMS has great usability and, thanks to a team of professional developers, is constantly improving its functionality. Using WP is as easy as it gets. 

The intuitive simplicity of WordPress is a great advantage for companies. Even those who have little experience in coding, can still understand the platform’s dashboard and use it like a pro. For this reason,  you won’t need to engage professional or expensive WordPress developers each time you want to modify the website. In addition, WordPress has a large community of volunteers to support you. When you have questions, doubts or concerns about WP and its functionality, you can check WordPress Codex, FAQs or YouTube tutorials for help. We are confident you’ll find the assistance and good advice you are looking for.

What if you see something strange on your website that needs to be fixed? Or, perhaps, there is a new blog post you want to add, who do you call? No one. WordPress actually allows you to do all this on your own with just a few, simple steps.

#3. WP offers bookoos of themes and plugins

There are almost 2 billion websites and personal blogs in the world. If you are looking to stand out, you’ll have to go the extra mile by creating a unique site. Thankfully, WordPress offers bookoos of various themes and plugins to help you design something distinctive. You can download highly-effective Yoast SEO or Visual Composer plugins, or also just have some fun. For example, there is a plugin that will generate daily Star Wars quotes, another that will destroy the content of your website by shooting it with asteroids – the Asteroids Widget plugin or you can simply pass time by playing with the WordPress Puzzle plugin.

WP themes and plugins are packaged with undeniable advantages. First, they are easy to install. All you need to do is click on the link of a plugin or your desired theme, then watch as it flawlessly becomes a part of your website. Second, WordPress themes allow you to customize original designs to give your website a personalized touch. Finally, WordPress will regularly notify you about available updates and upgrades. This ensures the effectiveness and safety of your plugins. One quick tip before you begin installing – remember, adding a large number of plugins will affect your website loading time. Choose them wisely.   

#4. WP is great for SEO optimization

The most influential search engine – the mighty Google – highly ranks WordPress with top scores for reasons we know you will like. 

With the help of WP themes and plugins, you can design an enjoyable user experience that will encourage your visitors to stay longer and explore more of your site. You can also create appealing permalinks instead of an old cryptographic mix of characters, letters, and numbers no one understands. And, of course, you can optimize all images on the website to develop a mobile-friendly version. It gets even better. SEO-related plugins will help you do the job automatically. One useful plugin is Fast Load Speed, which will help you download your website with a snap of your fingers. XML Sitemap can also ensure your content is seen by search engines and Image Optimization will add tags to your images while improving SEO rankings. With these features in mind, WordPress is one of the best platforms in terms of SEO.

#5. WordPress is secure

The Internet is buzzing with stories about WP websites that became victims of hacker attacks. There is a logical explanation behind this tendency: the more websites built on WP, the increased chance some of them will be hacked. But, this doesn’t have to be the reality for all. If taken seriously enough, WordPress can guarantee your website the appropriate level of security. By having a reliable password, refusing updates from unknown websites, and installing WP’s latest updates, you can be more confident when it comes to WordPress security for your site.

So, where does this leave us? If you are planning to build a great website, let WordPress be your natural choice. Really, there are a lot of WordPress advantages. It’s free to download, easy to use, and overly deserving of its popularity. Some of the world’s leading companies like Samsung, CNN, eBay, and Forbes, are using WP technology. If WordPress is their first choice for building sites, why can’t it be for you?

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