Optimizing Your Mobile Website Designs

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Website Designs

By on November 10, 2015

Mobile web design is a coined term, yet fully grasping the ins and outs of building a functional mobile website and/or application is not something that comes that easily, and in most cases — trial and error experience is necessary to understand what works the best in specific situations. While it’s easy to understand that Read More...

9 Essential Tips For Newbie Mobile App Developer 805

9 Essential Tips For Newbie Mobile App Developer

By on October 28, 2015

Mobile app development has recently grown in prominence after the emergence of mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Apps are no longer used just for entertainment but are capable of performing some incredible tasks as well. A mobile app developer needs to be proficient in certain technologies and software development methodologies. There is Read More...

jQuery mobile plugins - Copy

Top 10 Powerful jQuery Mobile Plugins

By on October 26, 2015

JavaScript is a robust web technology for facilitating front-end development. JavaScript, HTML and CSS are considered as viable tools for designing interactive user interfaces of modern websites and web applications. Owing to their usage, developers are able to introduce modern features like sliders, buttons and scrolling effects in to websites. Today, there are plethora of Read More...

Best Document Scanner Apps for Android

10 Best Document Scanner Apps for Android

By on October 11, 2015

Have physical document scanners become obsolete? I guess the households and work offices that still have them, are still using them on frequent basis, but what about individuals and more creative people, even those who don’t want to invest in a new scanner? Can you avoid paying hundreds of dollars for a task that you Read More...

10 Things to know about iOS9

10 Things to know about iOS9

By on September 8, 2015

All the iPhone users are holding their breath and eagerly waiting for the latest update to iOS. An iOS9 public beta was launched on 9th of July but mobile release date of iOS9 is not yet announced and if speculations are to be believed it will be launched in mid of September. So, here we Read More...

What To Do in Your Area

10 Apps to Help You Find What To Do in Your Area

By on September 7, 2015

Whether you’ve moved to a new city to live in, or you’ve decided to travel around unexplored areas, it’s always nice to know about the essential to-do stuff around the place you’re located in. These days, we have the luxury of mobile phones and mobile applications that allow us to tap in an infinite potential Read More...

mobile app promotion

App Promotion Done Right, From Scratch

By on September 3, 2015

There was once a time when setting up a website was a big deal. Then WordPress and co. came along to make launching websites child’s play. The next big challenge was building ecommerce sites with all their payment functions, security requirements and customer data handling. Enter tools like Shopify, which turned a humble WordPress blog Read More...