Many people are trying to create a stunning website that guarantees people will keep coming back to visit. The best way to ensure that your site is effective is to pay attention to detail, and that is where colour comes in to play. Color is an essential element in design as it adds visual interest to your website and this is what you need to gain more traffic to your website.

Color speaks volumes, and can affect the feelings and emotions of different people in different ways. It is a language of its own and it can be used to attract people’s attention, to drive you to the most important information and also to set the right mood as per what the website is all about. Choosing the right text color for your website is therefore very important. You want something that will enrich your texts and harmonize your website in general and not something that will interfere with the final balance of your web page and drive your visitors away.

If therefore you are looking to apply text color in your website or you want to improve on what is already there, here are some important tips that can help you make the right choices:

1. Ensure there is Balance

Ensure there is Balance
All the colors that are on your website should be complimentary, so that the page appears to have some balance. When choosing colors to combine, it is best to look through some other sites to determine whether they appear balanced. When your pages use color well, visitors are likely to spend more time exploring the website. The text color can stand out, without being glaring.

2. Pay attention to Contrast

Text is what you need to communicate to your web visitor, clarifying the reason that they are on your website. Text needs to be readable, both in the foreground and the background. When planning your contrast, you begin by making sure that the text contrasts with the background of the website. This will help it stand out. Using the same color for background and text will make it challenging to read and understand, and the text will fail to stand out. You need a dark text color if the background color is light or the vice versa for readability purposes.

3. Keep it simple

Keep it Simple
The best advice you can get as a web designer is to always keep it simple, and this works great as well when you are adding text color to your web design. The minimalist approach is the best approach. If you want people to be able to read clearly what you have on your web page without losing focus, you have to go simple on the colors as well. Exaggerating on the colors will create a negative impression that could drive traffic away. Besides, it becomes hard to get the right message when so many colors are used at the same time.

4. Use Brand Colours

Use Brand Colour
If you already have a logo, it can guide you on the color that you will choose for your text. You can use psychology of color in order to send a clearer message to your website visitors depending on what you are dealing with. Blue for instance is the color of trust, peace, order, and loyalty and if this is what your brand is all about, you can easily use it on your text.

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5. Follow the design’s emotions

One thing you should think about when creating text color to your web design is the kind of emotions you want to send across to the readers. This has to go hand in hand with what you are doing. If you are selling to children for instance, bright colors will always work. If you are dealing with something that people should be warned about, color yellow is the right choice. Blend it well with the background color and you will send the message right across.

6. Standards are Key

Standards are Key
There are certain web design standards that you have to adhere to as a web designer. Grey color for instance should always be used where there are blanks to be filled up. Red is an indication that there is something wrong or somewhere where the visitor should pay close attention to. When you see blue text that is underlined, you should know right away that it is a link to a certain site. Know these standards and use them accordingly.

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7. Color cast

Color cast
Use of color casting over images is a new trend that is slowly becoming popular in web designing. It allows text placement on designs and its end results is a more stunning design. You do not miss out on anything with color casting. Choose a color that will not block out the images and at the same time a color that will make the text visible to readers.

8. Remember Where You Are

Your target audience should guide you in the choice of colors you should go for. Different cultures have certain colors that they associate with. Girls in most cultures for instance have pink as their favorite color. In Asian cultures, the colour yellow is associated with royalty. In European countries, royalty is purple. Pay attention to these nuances.

9. Every text matters

Every text matters
Every text in your web design is important, therefore attention has to be given to all the text, including the footers and the buttons. This is because at any time, a web visitor may refer to these texts so as to get specific information.

10. Use black to add value and luxury

use black to add value luxury
A dark tone always brings out value and information from a web design. You therefore have to add some dark color text to your web design in order to give your website the value it deserves. In the above example which is the Facebook welcome page, the dark text highlights the focus of the website.

Use of color is very important in any web design. This is what will bring out your text in the way that you want it to appear to your website visitors.