Java is an object-oriented programming language that was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Even after all these years, Java continues to be one of the most popular programming languages in the tech community. Today, Java has found application in a variety of technology sectors, such as Web Development, Android Development, Game Programming, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. Besides, the scope of Java has increased manifold due to frequent version updates which have caused Java to improve as a language. The Java ecosystem is vast which includes a range of libraries, JVM languages (Java Virtual Machine), frameworks, APIs, and more. Besides, there are abundant learning resources on Java topics or related technologies.

Across the globe, thousands of Java developers are working in different capacities on various software development projects. Different Java developers use a different sets of tools and technologies as per project requirements. But, they all turn to some common online avenues to find solutions for their learning needs or programming puzzles.

So, here I am presenting a list of 11 websites which are useful for any Java developer out there. The list includes some popular websites which offer Java learning resources, Q&A forums, Java posts, code snippets and more.

1. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow is one of the leading Q&A (question and answer) websites on the digital space. The website allows web developers, programmers and learners to post relevant questions or find useful answers/solutions to their programming questions. Stack Overflow features over 150 online communities dedicated to several topics, such as technology, software development, Android development, Java Programming and more. Programmers can join discussion boards and Q&A forums dedicated to their area of interest.

2. Code Project

Code Project
Code Project is a forum website that caters to professional programmers of all kinds. The website hosts discussion boards dedicated to several technology topics, such as Java, Android, C#, C++, Internet of Things and Web Development. Java developers can join the respective online communities, post their programming queries as well as answer unanswered programming questions. Besides, Code Project is also a popular destination for finding code snippets, surveys results and interesting articles.

3. Code Ranch

Code Ranch
Code Ranch is another prominent forum website that is exclusively dedicated to Java programming language. The site features discussion boards and Q&A forums on popular Java technologies, such as Java frameworks and libraries, Oracle, GlassFish, Tomcat, Hadoop, and more. Code Ranch is a one-stop solution for finding a range of Java learning resources in the form of answers, code examples, and articles.

4. GitHub

GitHub hosts one of the largest public and private code repositories on the digital space. It has over 10 million users and is an important website for all kinds of professional programmers as well as software and web developers. Java developers can make contributions towards the various Java-related open-source and private software development projects hosted on Github. GitHub features code repositories for a range of technologies and programming languages as well as offers hosting solutions for private and enterprise source code repositories.

5. DZone

DZone is one of the largest resource websites for professional software developers. The website publishes quality technical content on a variety of technology topics, such as big data, cloud, Java, Internet of Things, web development and more. Besides, it is also a popular online community website which has about a million technology professionals as active members. DZone provides a range of learning resources in the form of whitepapers, reports, code snippets, links and articles.

6. LeetCode

LeetCode is an online Q&A platform which presently supports 9 programming languages, including Java, C++, C, Python, JavaScript and Ruby. LeetCode features a Q&A section which allows professional developers to view answers as well as post solutions to unanswered questions. It has a separate mock interview section which allows developers to work on difficult problems. Besides, it also has solutions to programming puzzles and problems related to algorithms, database and shell.

7. JavaSED

JavaSED is a huge resource website dedicated to Java source code and Java code examples. One can view Java source code of Java API classes as well as find code examples and information related to Java APIs, libraries and frameworks.  On Java SED, over 10,000 Java API classes have been covered. Besides, it also offers a search feature to find links to the answers to popular Java questions as well as discussion threads for API classes or methods featured on Stack Overflow.

8. TechBeamers

Taking a quiz is an effective way to assess one’s knowledge about a particular subject. TechBeamers is an online resource website that provides programming quizzes on Java, Python, Selenium, Unix/Linux and more. Moreover, the website features numerous online tutorials on topics related to various programming languages and technologies, such as WordPress, Shell Script, C++, Java and Selenium. TechBeamers also allows developers to find answers for mock interview questions and enables them to prepare for job interviews.

9. ProgramTalk

ProgramTalk is an online destination to look for learning resources related to a range of Java-related topics and technologies, including Java core, Java frameworks, Java design patterns and more. The website features numerous Java tutorials explaining several Java topics in detail along with code examples. Here, Java developers can find tutorials on Mergesort algorithm in Java, Auto boxing, Quicksort algorithm in Java, memory leaks detection in Tomcat and more.

10. Instance Of Java

Instance of Java
Instance Of Java is a popular online destination to learn Java online through text tutorials. The website covers popular Java programming concepts, including Java basics, object-oriented concepts, arrays, exception handling, Java string, wrapper classes and more. It also features several basic and advanced Java interview coding questions and answers sets. Instance Of Java features a range of learning resources, code examples and programs, popular Java job listings and more.

11. Concrete Page

Concrete Page
Concrete Page is undoubtedly one of the largest resource websites on the internet, which is dedicated to Java learning resources. On this site, one can find a variety of Java tutorials catering to Java frameworks, core JDK (Java Development Kit), Java EE (Enterprise Edition) platform and Java SE (Standard Edition) platform. Concrete Page provides tutorials on Spring framework, Struts 2, Hibernate, Quartz, JDK 8 tutorials, Java APIs and more. It also features a Q&A forum section and a mock interview quiz section on Java programming topics.


With that we have come to the end of our list. Let me tell you that besides these important websites which matter to every Java developer out there, there is another thing which is common among all Java developers. It is their love for Java programming language. So, I urge Java developers to bookmark these awesome websites and keep moving forward. If you want to share any feedback with us, then do write your comments in the comments section below. Thank you.