C# is one of the most useful languages for programmers and is widely used for many purposes. Today, we will be going to cover the best resources that will help you to learn C# programming. It will include top online learning platforms, books, PDFs, Video series and so much more that will help you to polish your C# skills or to learn C# from the beginning.

But before going to the lists for learning C# programming, let’s first have a brief overview of this language.

C# is an object-oriented programming language and a general-purpose language that is widely used in developing enterprise applications. C# was developed by Microsoft and is the principal language of the .NET framework. C# is primarily used to create console applications, graphical user interface (GUI) applications, web applications and more. These applications run on personal computers, Windows mobile devices and embedded systems.

C# offers a bunch of features, such as automatic memory management and garbage collection. It supports data encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism and includes native support for COM technologies (component-object model) and windows-based applications.

If you are planning to learn a C# programming language then there are a plethora of online resources that can help you in getting the best C# training for beginners.

Here, I am listing down 15 online resources that will help you to learn and master C# programming step by step.

1. Tutorials Teacher: Popular Platform For Learning C#

Tutorials Teacher

Tutorials teacher is a popular learning destination that includes several free tutorials on various technologies. All the tutorials are designed for everyone i.e. Beginners & Professionals.

Apart from C#, you can also learn Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, MVC, ASP.NET Core, LINQ and so much more. Coming back to the C#, it covers every aspect of C# programming. It unfolds with the basics and the history and then explains set up, class, variables, data types, operators, if condition, loops, arrays, tuple, generics and so much more. Moreover, you can also take a C# test to test your knowledge.

2. C# Station: Learning C# Made Easy

C# Station

C# station offers text-based lessons for beginners and professional programmers to provide training on C# programming concepts. It covers various topics while providing code examples on basic concepts, control statements, polymorphism, exception handling and more.

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3. LearnCS.org


LearnCS.org is a website that is exclusively dedicated to providing online lessons for learning C#. Students can follow the instructions and learn simultaneously by making use of two separate windows, namely the code window and output window.

4. Zetcode- For Learning C# Programming

ZetCode- Master C# Online

Zetcode offers text tutorials on a C# programming language with a focus on basic as well as advanced topics. The course covers useful topics, such as data types, lexical structure, strings, arrays, namespaces and more. It is ideal for beginners and programmers.

5. JKU – C# Tutorial

JKU-C# Tutorial

This tutorial was created in 2 parts by H Mössenböck from the University of Linz. You can check by clicking the above link. Instead of an E-Book or video lectures, it is more based on slides.

The first part includes 65 slides and is more of an introduction that will give you an overview and then teach you types, expressions, declarations, statements, classes and structs. While the 2nd part is more advanced and includes 62 slides. It gives you detailed insights into inheritance, interfaces, delegates, exceptions, namespaces, attributes, threads and XML comments.

6. Java T Point – C# Tutorial

JavaTPoint - Learn C#

If you are looking for a resource that will give you complete, extensive and in-depth knowledge of C# then you might find Java T Point interesting. But before you make up your mind, I must warn you that you require the basic knowledge of the working of C programming.

Despite it needs some prior knowledge of programming, it unfolds with the very basics of C programming and afterward, it covers almost everything of C# programming that one can think about. The best part about this tutorial is that it is more student-oriented and includes several interview questions, quizzes, projects and so much more. Apart from C#, you can also learn F#, .NET, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax and other trending programming domains.

7. Microsoft- Learn C#

Microsoft for Learning C#

Microsoft themselves have provided several resources like free courses, tutorials, video series and more that will address all your C# learning needs. It covers everything from the basics such as History & Overview to debugging. Some of the initial videos that will get your attention are C3 Concepts, Hello World, Strings, Branches, Loops, Mathematics & others.

8. O’Reilly School of Technology

O’Reilly School of Technology- C# Programming Books

O’Reilly offers c# video training courses and other training material on a variety of technology subjects. It has a bunch of learning resources on the C# programming language.

9. Channel9.msdn.com



This website is home to numerous blogs, articles, video tutorials and other training material on various technology topics. Here, you will find short video tutorials on various individual topics related to C# programming. It also has a complete video course called ‘Tips for building a Windows Store app using XAML and C#: The Kona Project’.

10. Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#

Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#

This book is a complete guide to learn various programming lessons in the C# language and .NET framework. It is available for free download in PDF format.

11. Free Book Centre

free book centre- For Learning C# Programming

This website features a collection of free e-books and guides on the C# programming language.

12. BookBoon

bookboon- For Learning C# Programming

bookboon.com is an online destination for downloading free e-books on a variety of subjects. It has a vast collection of free textbooks and books on C# which can be downloaded for free in PDF format.  You must check out their collection which includes works from various popular authors.

13. C# Programming

C# Programming- For Learning C# Programming

This is a complete book on learning the basic concepts of programming with C#. You can download this free –e-book and start learning right away.

14. C# Essentials

C# Essentials by Techotopia

C# Essential is an ideal book to master the programming concepts of C# language. It contains 28 chapters covering useful aspects, such as creating a console application, creating a GUI application with visual studio and more.

15. Eduonix

Eduonix- For Learning C# Programming

Eduonix is not any new platform in the online learning industry. Today, it has become one of the leading online platforms, particularly for technology-related online courses. Eduonix has some of the top-class online learning courses dedicated solely to learning C# programming.

By clicking the above link, you can find various courses like “Learn and Master C Programming For Absolute Beginners!”, “Complete C# For Unity Game Development”, “Learn To Program Tic-Tac-Toe with C# and Visual Studio”, and others. Not only these but if you are interested in learning Web Development, Software Development, AI, ML, IoT and others, then you can find a pool of multiple resources that will be a perfect fit for you.

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With that, we will end our list of top resources to learn C# programming. I am sure this list will be helpful for anybody intending to learn C# programming since it has got all the major online resources covered that match the need for both beginners and advanced students. You can learn online through text or video tutorials or you can also download free e-books. I am sure that this list will get you to start learning C# from today itself.

C # programming is a niche field and you will never regret the decision to learn a language as powerful as C#. If you want to mention any other online resources, then you can write about them in the comments section below. Thank You.

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