Assembling a big conference for everyone involved in a project can be tricky. Not only do you have to get everyone time in the same place and time, but now there may be capacity and safety concerns. That’s why many businesses are eschewing the traditional seminar and conference and getting the entire team together from the comfort of their own homes. The webinar is quickly becoming an all-purpose solution to the challenges of business meetings

Webinars are online events where speakers or a group of speakers deliver a presentation to a larger audience through an online portal. This essentially takes the place of a keynote speech at a conference and lets your company hear from an expert in the field without having to travel. Audience interaction is even possible with preparation and organization beforehand. These are five of the reasons that many companies are turning to webinars in these technology-forward times. 

  1. Cost-Effective

Organizing a traditional seminar could easily be one of the biggest expenses of a company’s business year. Not only does the company have to rent out the conference space and pay the speaker’s expenses, but they may have to pay for the travel and lodging of every employee attending the conference. 

A webinar throws most of those costs out the window, allowing everyone to attend from the comfort of their own home as long as you choose the best webinar platform for your small business. Not only that but the webinar can be recorded and presented to those who couldn’t attend live or those who join the company at a later date. Without the need to pay for travel expenses, the speaker may be much more affordable. 

  1. Convenience

You run a busy company, and your employees are often trying to tackle many tasks at the same time. It can be quite the ask for them to drop everything and attend a seminar in a different city, and can cause schedule delays for the business. Webinars are easy to attend and can only take up part of a single workday, instead of several days. 

Additionally, webinars work well for the many companies embracing remote work. It’s possible for employees to attend a webinar no matter where they are, including in the middle of travel. Your employees will get the same benefit of the speaker’s presence without the disruption of travel. 

  1. Wide Audience Reach

Conferences are a great opportunity for networking, and that applies to webinars as well. You can reach out to other companies around the world and offer them the opportunity to join the webinar from around the world – potentially learning about how businesses in the same sphere operate abroad. 

This has a few benefits, including expanding your business contacts. This is especially important if your company is considering expanding into the international market. You’ll also be able to work with potential partners abroad without having to invest the time and money into international flights. 

  1. Can Be Recorded

With most conferences, if someone misses out due to a scheduling conflict or family emergency, there’s no way to make that up. This can be even more of a problem if the key speaker has to drop out at the last second. Webinars smoothly avoid this disaster because not everything has to be live – the speaker can record their speech in advance. 

Not only does this allow everyone to attend and learn at their own pace with the same experience as those who were there live, but it lets the event work as a permanent asset for the company. With proper licensing from the person giving the speech, it can become an orientation feature for new employees to put everyone on the same footing. 

  1. Nurture Quality Relationships

Pulling off an effective webinar doesn’t just provide enrichment for your employees. It lets you establish long-term relationships that can benefit your company. For one thing, hiring a speaker might give you a connection to their network and aid in setting up future webinars for a larger audience. 

Inviting other companies to join the webinar can be the first step towards lasting business partnerships. It’s also a service that shows you’re putting effort into developing talent and supporting your staff, and a great way to show your appreciation for the people who make the business run. 

Webinars for Success

Are you ready to move on from the in-person webinars that require a lot of overhead? Virtual webinars can bring hundreds of people under one roof to hear from an expert. Why not connect with your team and start setting up one today?

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