Managers use employee scheduling apps to improve their workforce management and accelerate the shift scheduling process. Without an advanced application, managers can spend nearly ten hours a week just creating schedules. As your team grows, this number of hours can increase tremendously. Creating and updating schedules for large teams can take some managers several days to complete. This is especially true when you use outdated spreadsheets, calendars and whiteboards to get the job done. Fortunately, advanced employee scheduling apps can save you time and headaches. Read this post to learn about the best employee scheduling app features for workforce management. 

Automated Notifications

One of the best features to look for in an employee scheduling app for workforce management is automatic notifications. This feature allows you to notify employees about schedule-related information quickly. The best schedulers offer several forms of notifications including SMS reminders, in-app push notifications and emails. Employees can choose one of these notification formats or all of them to stay updated on scheduled-related changes. Moreover, you can send your team notifications about an upcoming project due dates, shifts that need to be filled and even scheduled work events. Some managers even send notifications to alert teams about emergency closings as well. A notifications feature is one of the best to look for in an employee scheduling app for workforce management. 

Team Messaging

Another advantageous scheduling app feature for workforce management is a team messaging. With a team messaging function, you can communicate with your employees in real-time. If an employee does not pick up a shift that they said they wanted, you can message them right in the app to remind them. Workers can also communicate with one another about swapping time slots. If an emergency occurs and an employee cannot make their shift, they can reach out to a colleague on the team messenger and ask for coverage. This best employee scheduling app feature improves workforce management in more ways than one. 

Task Assignment

Additionally, search for a workforce management scheduling app for employees that includes a task assigning feature. A task assigning function allows you to designate specific duties to individual employees quickly. Simply choose the worker that you want to assign a task to and type out the assignment in the app. Many employee scheduling apps even let you set specific due dates through the task assignment feature. That way, workers know when they need to complete the tasks. You can always assign tasks to employees in-person but aligning information with your entire schedule makes it easier for employees to plan their workdays. Hence, task management is a beneficial feature to have in a scheduling app for your employees

Custom Templates

Search for an employee scheduling app with a custom template feature as well. This feature particularly benefits managers who oversee multiple teams. Often, a scheduling template that works for one team might not work well for another. With a scheduling app that allows you to customize templates, you can create your own platforms to meet each team’s needs. Base each team template off the department they are in, their preferred break times and any other factors that are specific to their workflows. Keep this customizable scheduling app feature in mind when searching for the best workforce management solution. 

Overtime Alerts

Finally, the best employee scheduling apps for workforce management offer overtime alert features. Overtime alerts enable managers to comply with labor laws effectively. You no longer need to worry about scheduling employees for more than 40 hours a week. When you hit the 40 hours mark, your scheduling application will alert you that you have exceeded the hourly limit. Then, you can change that employee’s schedule around so that their hours do not surpass the maximum amount for compliance. This scheduling app for employees feature is perfect for complying with labor laws and improving overall workforce management. 

If you are struggling to manage work schedules, you need an employee scheduling app to streamline the process. The best scheduling applications for employees come equipped with several notification options including Calendar integration and in-app push notifications. They also offer team messaging functions that improve communication regarding schedules. Moreover, find a scheduling app with a task assigning feature to designate projects to individuals quickly. Managers use custom templates to streamline employee scheduling across several teams as well. Lastly, overtime alerts are great for complying with labor laws and creating realistic calendars. Take your workforce management to the next level with an employee scheduling app that has these features.