In the modern-day, the internet is the king, and complying with its rules means getting an advantage over your competitors. When talking about doing business on the internet, the first association that you might have is the online presence and its steady growth. Indeed, the investment you make in the virtual space pays off really well in real life, so investing in your website is always a great idea. Now, there are two ways to invest in your website or a social media page and both often go hand-in-hand. In the virtual space, the two main investments are money and traffic. And while the first one can sound a little bit scary (though it’s inevitable), the second one can be done by using just a few language tricks.

The Power of Language 

The modern world is extremely interconnected, with more than half of the world’s population actively using the internet and checking their social network a few times a day. This is where multilingual content comes into play and largely increases your traffic, which, in turn, increases the interest of your potential customers. The research has shown that more people prefer websites translated into their native language and value understanding the contents of websites over lower prices and discounts. So, if you weren’t thinking about translating your digital content but still want to expand online, start thinking about it now. And here are a few basic tricks on how you can do that.

1. Research the nature of your traffic

This may sound like an obvious point, yet not everybody starts by doing that. The point is that the cost of content translation significantly varies depending on the languages you translate into. So, making sure that this or that translation is worth it should be your top priority, especially in the beginning when the funds might be low, and the stakes might be high. Whether you plan to expand internationally with your website translation or want to post on your social media in different languages, you can always study your audience by enabling and regularly using any analytics tool. There are lots of them and many are free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

2. Start small

As you have your audience researched, start your expansion by translating smaller texts, like useful tips or basic posts designed to boost your audience’s mood. See if the statistics show growth and what audience you manage to attract. If there’s growth in the audience that primarily uses the language you targeted, then you’re obviously on the right track and you can go on by translating bigger potions of content and making more effort in this direction.

3. Localize

Now, translating content might sound like a great idea on its own but it’s not always enough. Every true pro that has acquired some basic knowledge for translators knows that localization can largely boost your traffic. By localizing the contents of your website or a social media page, you make it relatable and closely familiar to your target audience, which perceives it as something created particularly for it. This, in turn, increases the natural interest toward your content and activates one of the most powerful marketing tools, which is the word of mouth.

4. Create unique content

If you want to go even beyond localization, don’t just translate or localize your content, create original stuff for the audiences you think have stronger potential. Yet, that is quite a challenging task to handle, so you might need to address some of the top translation companies in the USA for serious professionals to handle it. In any case, creating the original content in another language makes the localization “true” and you’ll definitely be respected for such a move.

5. Localize customer support

This is, perhaps, the top level of your digital content translation and localization. By hiring multilingual managers for your localized webpages or social media groups, you adapt your content for your customers entirely without them might not even suspecting that you originally come from a different country. Now, how cool is that? Right, totally. Though this idea might cost quite a lot, it will certainly boost your traffic and attract as much attention as you have in your country.

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The Power of Multilingual Traffic

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Localizing your traffic is, perhaps, the key to boosting your online presence in the international digital space. Just think about it, while searching for something they need, your customers automatically find your website or social media page. Then, they find that it’s in their native language, has the content specific for their country, and basically, everything adapted particularly for them. Will these potential customers trust you and get converted into real customers? Very likely. Will this benefit you? Definitely.