A stunning website helps any business reach new heights of success. Sadly, overzealousness causes the opposite effects for many business owners who create difficult websites. Avoid losing customers by using the following web designer Online Store Australia inspired tips during your website design process. Each tip provided generous benefits for every company, regardless of your industry, size, budget, or even length of time you’ve been around.

1. Create a Responsive Website

People search the web using a variety of types of devices these days, including smartphones and laptops. Ensure your website is responsible for each type of device. Google penalizes websites that do not have a responsive design or are not mobile-optimized but do not stop there when you can ensure that your website works well with many devices.

If your website is not visible on a mobile device, Google penalizes your business website rankings in search engines, placing you further back in the results, ultimately decreasing website traffic. Furthermore, customers take their business elsewhere if the site is not visible on their device.

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2. Informative Homepage

The homepage gives a visitor an impression of your business. It may be the only interaction they have with your company. They know within seconds if they’ll continue navigating through your website. Make an impressive homepage that keeps customers around, clicking for more.

An informative homepage urges the reader to stay, to continue searching your website for more. They’ll be intrigued with the words they read and that keeps a customer or potential customer around longer. A user-friendly interface, backlinks, multimedia, and easy navigation are among qualities a homepage should offer.

3. Create a Landing Page

Every business needs a website landing page for SEO purposes as well as to give customers a better impression of what they offer. It is a little extra work but well worth the trouble.

Do not mistake a landing page and a homepage for the same. The purpose of a landing page is to speak directly to the consumer and prove that you are a company they can trust and should do business with. Landing pages provide better SEO results more often than not. Create a landing page with tailored information, actionable headlines, and scannable content.

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4. Easy Navigation

Website navigation ranks among the most important attributes of a great website. If customers click a link or page and are not automatically redirected, they’ll grow frustrated and visit another website instead. The average person waits for only three-seconds for the page changes before they leave your website.

Always focus on ways to streamline the navigation process for the customer. Avoid using pop-ups (they’re rather annoying to top it off) since they slow down navigation speeds, as can added music.

5. The Right Design

The right website design positively reflects your business, presenting an image that customers can relate to your brand. Your website is a reflection of your company and leaves customers with an impression. Make sure the design reflects the image that you want out there about your company.

Choose colors, themes, and tones that you identify with your customer or geographics. A clean, modern design brings a sense of association to your brand and that helps build a successful company. Check this website as an example.

6. Hire a Professional Web Designer

Professional web designers eliminate the challenges presented to a company when building a great website. They understand the in’s and the out’s of web design that most people do not, ensuring personalized, up-to-date information that gets your business noticed for all the right reasons. Using professional web design services ultimately saves money and frustration.

Choose a quality web design firm that offers plenty of experience and expertise in creating a user persona and building the type of site you want. Research the designer’s reputation and learn as much information about them as possible before spending any money on their services. With a good web design professional, creating a stunning website is out of your hands and almost guaranteed with experts on the job instead.

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