7 Good Reasons why you must learn Python programming in 2015_785

Python is one of the most widely used high level programming language. The language stresses on code readability and due to its syntax and implementation a programmer has to write lesser code as compared to other languages such as C++ and Java. The language supports multiple style like functional programming, object oriented or imperative style. The memory management is done automatically and has many standard libraries available for python programmer. Learning python programming is an easy task and yet it is able to scale real world problems. The basics of python language are easy to grasp due to the similarities with language such as C, Perl and Java.

The time has changed and merely carrying a high school degree and some work experience won’t do you any good. You should have a good hands on the technology which is currently in trend. If you are a developer and looking to enhance your resume, learning Python is a good choice. So, we put forward seven points to convince you that Python is a must learn language for every developer in recent trend.

1. Easy to grasp

Easy to grasp
Learning a new programming language is always an uphill ride but as luck would favor us python was designed to be easily learnt by a novice programmer. Python code is readable and with a little knowledge a developer can learn many things just by looking at the code. It executes read evaluate print loop which gives developer a chance to play around with code and experiment. Also the standard library offers you a lot of functionalities which lets you execute complex functionalities with ease.

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2. Opens up many possibilities

Learning python opens up many doors for python developers in the world of programming. Python has an object oriented approach which is preferred by many leading languages such as C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl etc. So once you get comfortable with the concepts of python you can switch to any other object oriented language and the only thing you will have to learn is the syntax of language.

3. Implementation on Raspberry Pi

For many of us programming is pretty boring and very few people are enthusiastic about doing this geek stuff. One major reason is that even after digging into code for so long the output that we get is not exciting. The output does not have any significance in real world but what if your ideas can be implemented in real life through coding.

Now with the introduction of Raspberry Pi which is a card sized microcomputer the python development will scale new heights. It opens up new possibility for developers and can be used to build cameras, radios and games with ease. By using concepts of advanced python programming you can create some out of the box gadgets which can create ripples in the market.

4. Preferred for Web development

Preferred for Web development
With number of websites in the world close to a mark of 1 billion and still growing the scope for web development can’t be ignored. Web programming with python provides a lot of flexibility as python has an array of frameworks for developing the website. Web frameworks offered by python are Pylons, Django, Zope2, TurboGears, web.py, Grok, web2py etc. Django is the most popular framework preferred for python development.

5. Ideal especially for Startups

To create a product which stands out amongst the crowd, you can develop it in any language. But there are certain constraints like time and budget which can’t be overlooked. This is where the choice of language decides the fate of the project and if project is big the company also might get affected. Python is a good choice for startups as it allows quick development and the amount of code is less as compared to c, java etc. Python can scale the most complex application effortlessly and can be handled by a small team effectively. Python also has a very reliable support team to solve your queries.

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6. IT giants prefer python

Opens up many possibilities
Many big names such as Yahoo, IBM, Nokia, Google, Disney, NASA, Mozilla and many more rely heavily on Python. Since these companies use Python they are always in search of talented professionals who have worked on Python. There is always a demand for Python web developer and they are offered some decent packages as well. Google always prefer python and Google App Engine was also developed in python. Some other applications like YouTube, code.google.com, Google Data Python client library etc. are written in python.

7. Unlimited Resources and testing framework

Unlimited Resources and testing framework
A python developer can rarely get stuck as there are large number of resources available which keeps on getting updated. It has a huge standard library which provides inbuilt functionality which is why some known applications are built on Python.

Python also provides a built in testing framework which covers points such as inclusion of debugging time and fastest workflows.

If we summarize the things Python is a complete solution for developers and it will grow even more in coming times. The ease that it offers in web development it becomes a must for every aspiring developer to learn how to program in Python. These article tries to explain you the advantages of using Python and the future that Python holds in the coming times.

Are you also an aspiring Python developer; then you must have something to add to this list? Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of some more features of Python which makes it a unique catch.