Reasons to use AngularJS for developing you next web apps

In this era of e-commerce every organization is keen to make an impact online. This has created a huge demand for web developers like never before. According to a recent survey there are more than 876 million websites in the world and the count is still increasing. There are many platforms available for web development in the market. The point is to choose the right amongst the available. AngularJS was born in 2009 and since its inception it is creating some ripples in the market. AngularJS is an open source web application framework which revolves around HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (Java Script).

AngularJS is an open source web development framework developed by Google and an individual community of developers. AngularJS comes in handy when we need it to need dynamic views in web applications. It lets you extend HTML vocabulary by implementing features at run time thereby making the code more legible and can be developed very quickly. It also encourages best practices by use of customized directive tags, dependency injection, filters, RESTFUL API etc.

AngularJS is built on JavaScript which is one of the most widely used and flexible language in the world. AngularJS offers you a complete package for building front end based application. You can also check my post written on 15 Resources to learn AngularJS to master this trending technology in web world. It makes life easy for web developer by adding a wrapper in form of framework to all the complexities and by only exposing the features which can be implemented easily. So keeping in mind the popularity and feature list of AngularJS we bring you 7 reasons why you should choose AngularJS for web development.

1. MVC Architecture

AngularJS mvc architecture
AngularJS uses MVC architecture for developing web application. For implementing MVC you just need to split your app and rest all is managed by AngularJS. MVC architecture stands for Model View Controller wherein:

  • Model maintains the data.
  • View is responsible for displaying of data.
  • Controller acts as a bridge to establish connection between View and Model.

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2. Directives

AngularJS directives
Directives allows you to change the behavior of HTML tags. It is a very powerful feature which allows you to create customized tag. The use of directive tag tells the compiler to add some functionality on DOM element or can even transform it. It also has wide range of pre-built directives available which you can choose from.

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AngularJS pojo
Every object used in AngularJS are POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object) which means you don’t need extra getter and setter functions. POJO provides you all the standard JavaScript functionalities for object manipulation. It facilitates you to remove and add properties from the objects and can loop over objects at will.

4. Ease of Use

AngularJS easy work
AngularJS with its rich feature set makes development easier by reducing the need to write code. It takes the burden off your head by implementing MVC architecture. For implementing data models you don’t need to write getters and setters. Also, directives are not the part of app code so they can be managed by other team working parallel. All these things minimizes the need of writing the code.

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5. Testing by Dependency Injection

AngularJS testing
An application is incomplete without thorough testing. In fact, testing is very important to ensure error free delivery of the project. AngularJS has been built by keeping testing in mind. The whole application built in AngularJS is linked by dependency injection. You can very easily inject sample data into controller and can measure the output and behavior.

6. Client Side Solution

AngularJS functions on client side and is compatible with both desktop and mobile browser. AngularJS can be used for any project as there are no backend modifications required. Therefore it can be used safely for developing the front end of any application. Also, since it is client side and can be run on any browser which supports JavaScript the deployment of the deployment of application can be done easily.

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7. Flexibility of Filters

AngularJS filters
A filter refines the value before displaying like changing the decimal places of a number, converting a string to upper case or adding pagination to your web page. Filters are similar to directives and work as a standalone function which are focused on data transformations. You can also create your own custom filters.

Selecting right platform for web development is a very crucial part. So after going through this article you must have understood how powerful AngularJS is. This does not mean that AngularJS will be feasible option for every web development scenario. For example problems which involve intense mathematical calculations should not use AngularJS but it serves the purpose for most of the problem statements.

Are you also looking for an alternative to web development; then you must have something to add to this list. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of some more exciting features of AngularJS.