The growth of HTML5 technology has provided several new and important benefits to various technology fields, such as web development, game programming and mobile app development. HTML5 web applications or mobile websites have ushered in a new trend in mobile development. It allows mobile developers to develop responsive and cross-platform, mobile applications of various types by simply using modern web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. But, the real revolution in mobile app development began with the release of modern mobile application development platforms like Apache Cordova, which popularized hybrid mobile app development. Apache Cordova allowed HTML5 applications to be hosted inside a native browser shell and access native device capabilities, such as camera and accelerometer by using WebView. This made HTML5 mobile apps to look and behave like native applications.

Today, hybrid app development has become very popular owing to its widespread adoption by professional mobile developers as well as large-scale mobile application development firms. Some experts claim that the popularity of hybrid apps will surpass native apps in future. It is because web developers can quickly develop an HTML5 mobile application and release it across various native platforms like iOS and Android. This allows developers to leverage their existing knowledge of web development technologies to create cross-platform HTML5 apps instead of learning different native programming languages from scratch, such as Swift and Objective-C. Furthermore, several new and powerful, HTML5 SDKs (software development kits) and mobile development frameworks, such as Ionic Framework, Sencha Touch and Telerik have emerged on the scene, which make the whole hybrid app development process easier and more effective.

On that not, I would like to present a list of some of the most popular and trending blogs to follow on the internet which provide practical tips and insightful knowledge on the various important topics related to hybrid mobile app development. These blogs prove to be a resourceful online destination for budding mobile developers, professional mobile app developers as well beginners, who are keen on learning in-depth about the mobile development technologies as well as the best practices in hybrid app development. Alright, so let us check out the list of 9 Trending Blogs To Follow On Hybrid App Development.

1. Gone Hybrid

Gone Hybrid
Gone Hybrid is a useful resource blog for learning about the latest tips and practical techniques for developing hybrid mobile applications. The blog features several text tutorials and informative articles on a variety of topics, such as Ionic framework, Angular, Ionic App, Ionic Lab and more. Some of the topics covered on this blog include mobile app development using Ionic 2 & Angular 2, setting Quick Actions with 3D Touch on iPhone 6S for Ionic Apps, writing automated tests for Ionic Apps and more.

2. Joshua Morony

Joshua Morony
Joshua Morony writes extensively on HTML5 mobile application development. Being a professional mobile developer, he shares his insights and experiences on using popular HTML5 mobile frameworks like Sencha Touch, Ionic and Phaser. Besides, Joshua Morony has authored several books, such as PhoneGap Build Quick start Guide, Beginners Guide To Sencha Touch and more. He publishes several useful tutorials covering diverse areas of the mobile development field. Here, one can find numerous quality posts on topics, such as Local Storage Options for PhoneGap Applications, Creating Google Maps component in Ionic 2 and Using the HTML5 Canvas Element in Sencha Touch.

3. Andrew McGivery

Andrew McGivery
Andrew McGivery runs a blog which is focussed on Ionic framework and it is currently one of the most popular blogs to look for useful tutorials and other resources related to Ionic app development. Here, readers will find useful information, source code and other learning resources related to Ionic framework, including how-to posts and full-fledged tutorials. Some of the topics covered on this blog are Unit Testing Your Ionic Framework App, Understanding Filters in Ionic, Understanding Ionic’s infinite scroll and more.

4. The Polyglot Developer

The Polyglot Developer
The Polyglot Developer is a programming blog which is run by Nic Raboy, who is an experienced mobile application developer. The blog features a range of tutorials covering important topics related to mobile and web application development as well as game development. Nic also publishes video tutorials as well as a few online courses on topics, such as hybrid mobile application development for Android and iOS using NativeScript by Telerik, hybrid app development with Ionic framework and Android development using native Android SDK and Java.

5. Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden
Raymond Camden works as a developer advocate for IBM and holds an expertise in subjects like mobile technologies, client-side development and web standards. He has contributed several video and blog tutorials on popular websites like DZone, Telerik Developer Network and Nettuts+. His own blog is replete with a variety of blog posts under popular categories, including ColdFusion, Cordova, Swift, Ionic framework, IBM MobileFirst platform, HTML5 and jQuery.

6. The Official Ionic Blog

The Official Ionic Blog
Mobile developers who have embraced modern hybrid app development technologies called Ionic and Angular should look no further than the official Ionic Blog. It features a range of posts on the various features, updates and news related to Ionic framework and Ionic apps. The Official Ionic Blog contains useful tutorials and posts on topics, such as Ionic and the Internet of Things, Ionic IoT applications, Ionic and TypeScript, integration with Backand and more.

7. Sencha Dev Blog

Sencha Dev Blog
Another popular blog on Sencha Touch framework and mobile web development is Sencha Dev Blog which is run by Lee Boonstra. Lee Boonstra works as a technical trainer at Sencha and she has also authored a book on mobile web development with Sencha Touch 2 called as ‘Hands-On Sencha 2’. You can check out her blog to find a range of useful posts and tutorials on topics related to Sencha components, Sencha Touch, Ext JS, Cordova and JavaScript.

8. Sencha Touch Developer

Sencha Touch Developer
Sencha Touch Developer is a reputed mobile application development firm based in the United States. The company’s blog is a frequently updated one with useful posts published on a variety of topics related to Sencha apps, Sencha application development, Sencha Touch framework and more. Here, readers can check out some important blog posts, such as developing hybrid iOS apps, cross-app development and retaining the native look in a hybrid app.

9. Telerik Developer Network

Telerik Developer Network
Telerik Developer Network is another prominent resource website on hybrid app development featuring a range of video tutorials, podcasts, slack chats and informative blog posts. The website contains vast amount of information on popular topics, including .NET, testing, mobile and IoT. Some of the topics covered under the mobile development category include WebViews, iOS app distribution, using native libraries in NativeScript and more.


Modern HTML5 mobile development platforms like Ionic Angular and Sencha Touch, provide mobile developers with the necessary tools and user interface components to build cross-platform mobile apps quickly and more efficiently. There are several new mobile development technologies in the market which allow building a range of web and hybrid mobile applications. If you want to share any valuable feedback with us, then kindly write your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you.