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Mobile app development has recently grown in prominence after the emergence of mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Apps are no longer used just for entertainment but are capable of performing some incredible tasks as well. A mobile app developer needs to be proficient in certain technologies and software development methodologies. There is also a set of best practice that needs to be followed while developing a mobile app.

If you are new to mobile app development, you need to first choose the technology that you have command over. Programming languages like Java, C++, Objective C and markup languages like XML & HTML5 are used to develop mobile apps depending on the platform for which the app is being developed. New developers who have recently jumped into the fray of app development must be very careful about developing the apps and make sure that they follow these essential tips.

Once you have developed command over one of the programming languages, APIs, and integrated development environment, you can proceed with the development keeping these tips in mind. Problem solving skills and clear logic will give you the confidence in building great mobile apps regardless of the platform that you are building your app for.

8 Tips to help newbie developers create better mobile apps

1. Identify the target audience and design for them

Designing the app for the intended audience is one of the most important aspects of mobile app development. The target audience must be identified and design must be in sync with the age bracket of the audience and the sensibilities. If your app strikes the right chord with the audience, half the battle is won.

2. Gauge the competition in the app category

Before you start to create your app, it is important that you make an assessment of the apps currently reigning the category. By judging those apps, you will have to make sure that you incorporate better features than those apps and connect with the audience on a more personal level.

3. Make a clear revenue model

An app is of no use if it is not able to rake in good revenue. The revenue model or the business plan should be ready before the actual app development is carried out. There are basically three models on which the apps are based- free, freemium, and premium. How you are going to earn revenue should be made clear on the onset.

4. Create a fool-proof marketing strategy

Create a fool-proof marketing strategy
Marketing the app is as important as its development. A nicely developed application can fail if it is not marketed properly. Hence, you must develop a solid marketing plan and make sure that it suits the type of app and its intended user base. Marketing must not be seen as a one size fits all approach to get desired results.

5. Keep the app closer to the mobile platform

Every mobile OS has a typical design pattern which is peculiar and defines the platform. When you design a mobile app in tandem with the OS design, the app appears one with the platform and gives a feeling of an app that is created for a particular platform. Such apps establish trust and reliability among the users.

6. Perform rigorous test on the app before its launch

Code is bound to have errors and even the senior developers do not write flawless codes. In case of newbie developers, the number of such errors and bugs are on the higher side and hence, testing the application before its launch is highly recommended. Apart from regular testing of the app, third party testing is also advisable.

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7. Integrate analytic software

While you can record and analyze the behavior and preferences of your users through cookies on a website, doing it on a mobile app becomes tough. For the new developers, it is extremely important to know the users’ preferences so that the required changes may be made in the app. Analytic code should be embedded in the app to know more about the users.

8. Offer technical support

Offer technical support
The users at times require support and assistance while learning to use an app. While the help section of the app can come in handy, offering support through other media will be appreciated by the users.

Final Remarks

For newbie developers who nurture the dream of becoming good app developers, it is important that they understand the nuances of app development and equip themselves with the technological know-how. These tips have been sourced from the experts especially for the beginners. They will help the developers understand the process of app development in detail and mitigate the chances of errors in the app.

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