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Mobile Apps are applications that are developed for wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets, keeping in mind limitations such as intermittent internet connection, small screen size etc. These mobile apps which came into existence in the market in 2008 have spread like wildfire. The business strategies have changed with the arrival of these apps and now every business is keen to launch a mobile app of their desktop version.

For developing a mobile app you will have to hire a dedicated developer who can develop an app from scratch. This process is very time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, launching a mobile app on app stores no longer requires you to spend thousands of dollars or spend months to develop it. There are many mobile platforms which simplifies your effort by giving you develop an app in budget and quickly. Moreover, it does not even require you to have any coding knowledge.

We bring you 10 best platforms for creating mobile apps which will allow your business to penetrate deeper into the market by reaching far more masses on mobile platform.

1. Appery.io: Cloud Based Platform


Appery.io is a cloud based mobile platform with options of both private and public cloud. It can connect very easily with 3rd party restful APIs and provides secure enterprise integration with API express.

2. MobileRoadie: Geo Based Platform


MobileRoadie lets you create an app which can run smoothly on iOS as well as android devices. It facilitates developer to create stunning custom design which is essential for keeping audience at the edge of their seat.

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3. ShoutEm: Simple and Stylish


ShoutEm with its extremely user friendly drag and drop interface makes development a walk in the park. It has a powerful CMS which lets you sync your database through ShoutEm API. You can also preview your app on your phone before publishing and can republish if required.

4. BiznessAPPS: Innovative Feature List


BiznessApps is an outstanding platform for creating mobile apps for a series of business. The analytics tool gives you precise information thereby, helping you to create a proper business strategy.

5. Appmakr: As Easy as it Gets


Appmakr simplifies the approach of developing app by just dragging and dropping interface. It provides high security standards by partnering with industry giants McAfee and MetaCert additionally, it also has secure oAuth access controls.

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6. GameSalad: Your Gaming Kit


GameSalad provides you a platform where you can transform your creativity into gaming platforms available on HTML5, Android, iOS, and OSX. It has an active community consisting of independent game designers, which are ready to help you around the clock.

7. AppMachine: An App for Every Event


AppMachine helps you build an app from scratch by changing every image and button. You can design your own layout using Layout Manager and can choose from 15 navigation templates to enhance the look and feel of your app.

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8. AppyPie: Feature abundant


Appy Pie is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing app building tool in the market. It provides user with wide range of feature list such as push notification, passbook, GPS, social profile, photo gallery, audio, radio, eBooks, shopping cart etc.

9. TheAppBuilder: Build App in a Flash


TheAppBuilderā€™s unique approach of providing knowledge transfer, appropriate tools and support helps to develop cost effective app without wasting any time. The simplified approach will take less than 30 minutes to learn and then you can start building and maintaining your own app.

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10. AppFactory: Automatic Content Update


AppFactory is more about content, by using website or feed you can automatically update the content and can build an app in less than 5 minutes. You can submit your apps in stores of all the emerging platforms like Windows, Android, and Apple etc.

With more dependencies on smartphone, the mobile users are estimated to cross mark of 10 billion by the year 2016. Mobile apps are becoming popular and many IT giants are trying to lure more customers on mobile apps rather than on web. We have created a list of top 10 platforms for creating mobile apps from thousands of platform available in the market. Every platform has a unique feature and can be chosen based on the requirement.

Are you also interested in developing mobile apps; then you must have something to add to this list. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of some appealing platforms to develop mobile apps.