In our day and age, most people socialize, shop, and offer their products and services on the internet. And because computers only have one screen, the first page of the browser’s search results is where we most commonly meet these days. In this article, we shall discuss different ways to get onto that page and reasons to buy backlink packages for that purpose.

Before you understand the significance and practical value of backlinks, we will first have to explain the criteria the browser uses when it searches for appropriate content on the Web. We shall then describe different ways to build links, discuss why buying them may be an optimal solution, and suggest how you can buy good quality backlinks as safely as possible.

Selecting the Right Content

When a user asks the browser to find some information online, the browser has to decide which content to show on the first page of search results. It needs some selection criteria because there is a lot of content on virtually any subject on the internet nowadays. Typically, browsers use three criteria for selecting relevant articles for the user.

Appropriate Content

First, the browser filters all the spam and articles from dangerous or suspicious sites. Numerous content providers hope to get onto the first page by including relevant keywords or even using automatic systems to generate a continuous stream of irrelevant adverts. There are some SEO mechanisms that the browser will use to eliminate those providers from the list.

Relevant Content

The browser will then try to decide how relevant some content is to your case. It will select articles that have something to do with the subject matter of the search. And it will also apply some additional criteria in the search. For instance, the browser will take into account the user’s IP address to select the content that is closer to the user’s geographic location.

Popular Content

Still, there will be too much content to show on one page even after all the irrelevant articles and the spam have been excluded. The browser needs some more criteria, and the most significant one will be the content’s popularity. The browser will assess the latter by counting:

  • The number of users who have accessed the content
  • The amount of time they spend on the site on each visit
  • How often they recommend it to other users

That is the stage at which backlinks acquire their significance.

Link Building

In simple terms, a link is a reference or an electronic connection to your content from another site. The browser counts your links to determine how popular your content is, and it will first show the pages that have lots of those. Therefore, you need to accumulate as many links as you can in order to increase your chances of getting onto the first page.

There are many link building strategies, and we can classify them into three categories.

Advertising Yourself

You can master the techniques of successful self-promotion and become active on the Web to identify your target audience and draw their attention to your content. Social forums are especially valuable resources for that purpose. People meet on social forums to discuss and exchange relevant content, and search engines attach particular significance to backlinks from those platforms.

The main problem with these strategies is, it can take forever before you build a sufficient number of links to get onto the first page. You need something else for truly effective self-promotion.

Building Poor Quality Links

Some people try to speed up the process by stealing the links or faking them in one way or another. They will generate spam to attract attention to their sites. Or they might agree with their friends to help each other by referring to each other’s pages, for example. There are numerous strategies for faking your popularity.

Each of those strategies can work, and each one of them has its drawbacks too. But the main problem with all of them is, most browsers know how to detect them in order to eliminate them from the list.

Purchasing the Links

An alternative way to acquire many links quickly is simply to buy them.

Suppose you want to sell something or offer some services, and you reserve air-time to advertise yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. You are not deceiving anybody. You do not spam the media or promote products and services of poor quality and dubious value. You have something to offer your potential customers, and you would like to tell people about it.

Backlinks work the same way. They are your air-time on the first page of search results. So you can buy them in order to get onto that page and become known right away.

Obtaining Good Quality Links Safely

Since you will probably find plenty of backlink providers on the internet, we would like to suggest how you can make sure you buy valuable links from a safe source.

  1. First, the links you buy must be genuine. If it is a forum backlink, it should come from a genuine and active user. Also, avoid links from dubious and unsafe sites. Generally, it is easy enough to check that.
  2. A decent and reputable backlinks provider will offer:
  • A reasonable and negotiable price list
  • Numerous payment options
  • Quick and easy payment transactions
  • Maximum safety for your banking details and personal data, typically by means of high-level SSL encryption technology

Most important, decent providers will offer maximum transparency so that you can check whether they are safe enough to deal with them. In other words, a trustworthy and reputable backlinks provider will never wear a mask. 


If you want to swim, you must get into the river first. And you cannot get into the river because the search engine will not let you unless you have backlinks. So what you do is, buy the precious links, get onto the first page of search results and take it from there. Once you are in the river, you will either sink or swim. We hope this article will help you find what you need to swim well.

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