8 Best Resources on Books & eBooks for Linux

Linux is everywhere these days, to begin with – this server that the blog is hosted on is also powered by a Linux machine, Ubuntu to be specific. Then again, majority of DigitalOcean servers are operating through Ubuntu. It’s an easy choice, and it works out of the box.

Even though it’s still not as recognized as Mac OS X, or Windows operating systems, Linux has been the favorite operating system for developers for what seems to be several decades now. The original systems used to come out as UNIX, and these days all major data-centers are run by some type of a *NIX system.

Learning Linux can have immense benefits, especially if you’re a programmer by nature, system administrators (SYSOPS) is one of the most sought after job titles in the current market, and can provide you with a solid career choice. What are our options for learning Linux for free, and effectively at the same time?

1. Books on Linux.com

Linux.com is an official resource for all things Linux, and while it is quite good it doesn’t necessarily cover everything. In this part of the site, there is a list of 150ish Linux and Open-Source books that you can read and enjoy at your own convenience. The only downside is that it’s not specified whether the book is free or not, but investing a few dollars shouldn’t be a problem for this particular profession!

2. Free eBooks Roundup by Pingdom

Pingdom put together a great resource of free Linux ebooks back in 2012, and to this day the roundup is still going strong; providing you with free knowledge on how to get started with Linux, Emacs, Gnu, even Java! You can use these books as reference points, or as full-blown learning tools.

3. Linux Books by E-Books Directory

E-Books Directory is a provider of links for thousands of ebooks and hundreds of categories, and the upside here is that everything is sorted by its own appropriate category, as well as there are number of views provided for each book, so you can see straight away which books are the most popular; the ones you should probably read if you’re to take up learning more about Linux.

4. Best Free Linux Books by LinuxLinks

If you want to get good input for what are the best Linux books on the market right now, look no further than this article by LinuxLinks; it’s a roundup of 20-something Linux books, and there is a concise description for each book, providing you with insight of what you’re going to learn from it. Great resource for any level Linux enthusiast.

5. Linux Books by Tech Books for Free

Here we have a roundup of insightful beginner and intermediate level books for both Linux and Linux Programming, each book has the necessary description added of what you’re going to learn from it, but to learn more just follow the individual links that will take you to the download / purchase page.

6. Linux eBooks by IT-eBooks

IT-eBooks is hands-down the most popular eBooks download site on the internet right now, at least for the developer kind it is. I’m not quite sure whether all of the books on this site have their appropriate permissions for being downloaded, but I myself have never had any problems with it. These Linux books are of high-quality and should be on any developers reading list. Check it out!

7. Linux Books by OnlineProgrammingBooks

OnlineProgrammingBooks is another massive online resource for books that are suitable for all types of developers, their Linux section is 7 pages big and contains tons of books on Linux itself, but also specific operating systems such as Ubuntu, great for those who’re just starting out now.

8. Linux & Unix on O’Reilly

O’Reilly is highly acclaimed online publisher for developers and engineers. Their books are some of the best quality that you can find in terms of technical knowledge, and so they’re also appropriate priced. Every book on this site is going to yield you immense amounts of learning experience. Definitely give them a go!

Best Resources on Books & eBooks for Linux

Every book we read is going to yield us some knowledge one way or the other, so it’s never a waste of time. Instead of listing the best books out there, I chose to list the best resources because if you take a closer look – there are hundreds upon hundreds of books to be downloaded and purchased from this roundup of sites alone. I hope that you find that which you were looking for, and if not… let us know in the comments and perhaps we can do something about it.