Extreme couponing is an ancient art of deal-hunting where people try and save as much money on everyday items as possible. The traditional way involves physically collecting coupons from magazines, newspapers, flyers, and catalogs. But the process often gets tedious and cumbersome.

With the evolution of the internet and the increasing popularity of online shopping, physical coupons are obsolete. Modern problems require a modern solution and this is where coupon code finder apps enter the frame. While the most common form of discounts is cash-back offers, applying certain coupon codes instantly reduces the MSRP. Here are some of the best coupon code finder applications that you can use right away.

Amazing Coupon Code Finder Apps on the Market

1. Honey

Perhaps the most popular coupon code finder app today, Honey claims 18% average savings on purchases, which works out to $126 saved per year. That’s some serious discount for Honey users. The app has a list of popular retail and restaurant chains in its database, which is convenient for the customers while availing discounts.

Honey automatically finds and applies the best coupons, creating instant savings opportunities by eliminating the need for manual scavenging in the hopes of finding promo codes. Honey also has a simple browser extension that simplifies regular online shopping.

2. Ibotta

A modest discount-seeking app with geolocation enabled us to help find local retailers. Ibotta has over 275 partner retail chains, simplifying online shopping. You don’t need any special training to use the app. Just sign in, find products that you need and load available offers from participating retail stores near you.

Loyalty cardholders automatically receive all eligible cashback within 48 hours of purchase. If you don’t have a loyalty card, simply click a picture of the receipt and Ibotta will refund the amount for the cash-back eligible items. Unlike most coupon apps, Ibotta pays in cash, which can be withdrawn using PayPal.

3. SnipSnap

A great app for transferring your physical coupon codes online. Simply use the app to snap a picture of the paper coupon and get code online. The process is generally seamless and takes a few minutes to redeem online or at the store.

Once your paper coupon folder is entirely digitized, SnipSnap can help you find the best deals at your favorite retailer. You can also use the Discover option to digitize physical coupons collected by friends and family. The app can also send push notifications when you enter a physical store offering discounts. It’s quite the henchman!

4. ShopKick

A heavily gamified coupon code finder that requires active geolocation services to function properly. The app doesn’t need Condition Rewards on completed purchases but must be running in the background to earn points or kicks in its case.

The app is easy to use. Simply walk into a physical store with ShopKick running on your Android device. And you’ll notice quite a few kicks popping up. Earn additional rewards by scanning receipts for completed items and bar codes on the shelved goods.

5. Rakuten

Formerly Ebates, Rakuten is a digital couponing app that promises up to 40% discounts on select purchases from over 2,500 retail partners. The app offers multiple ways of saving money. Starting from standard coupon codes and affiliate cashback offers, to double cashback schemes and more.

Once a purchase is verified, Rakuten deposits cash directly into the buyer’s account. Rakuten is a free-to-use app that regularly offers sign-up bonuses. It’s available on iOS and Android devices and is quite user-friendly.

6. Dosh

A lightweight couponing app that makes earning cashback easy, Dosh can be used at a range of common retail chains including Walmart, World Market, and Pizza Hut. Users can earn cashback offers in over 100,000 non-hotel locations and over 600,000 hotels worldwide.

Just download the app, register your cards, and shop with partner retail chains or book your stay at hotels like you normally would. The app does not store personal information including banking details, which is unheard of in this era. Dosh is free-to-use and can be downloaded on devices running Android and iOS.

7. SavingStar

Quite similar to Ibotta in more ways than one. Not that it’s a bad thing! SavingStar’s loyalty program shares uncanny resemblances with Ibotta and works in a similar manner. As long as you apply the coupon codes at checkout, the app deposits cashback offers directly to your linked bank account.

Like Ibotta, the app offers a way around store loyalty card problems. If the partner retailer lacks a loyalty program or you aren’t a loyalty cardholder, simply take a photo of your payment receipt and upload it to SavingStar. The app reimburses all cashback offers within a few days. Users can also upload existing loyalty cards on the server for a stress-free checkout experience every time!

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