Let’s face it- the gaming industry has become an understatement. Compared to the car sold across the world (in 2017- 798.6%), the total number of people who play video games were 2.2 billion.

Shocking! Isn’t it?

Perhaps, the gaming industry has been going through a major shift with the advent of the digital gaming. Even it has taken the gaming industry on the verge of another wave built on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Speaking about the blockchain, it is an incorruptible digital ledger that can be programmed in order to record anything valuable. For instance, First blood, a blockchain with esports platform is built on Ethereum enables players to sharpen their skills so that they can challenge other players for rewards. Blockchain allows the transactions of Firstblood to be publicly verifiable and counterfeit resistant.

Digital Goods Monetization

Spells of Genesis is the first game featuring the blockchain. This blockchain based card game has tokenized trading cards that allow gamers to store them on the blockchain. Currently, gaming innovators are using blockchain for gamer-earned digital goods and the digital gaming industry has already generated $94.4 billion in revenue. It allows them to sell gamer-earned digital goods and get the opportunity to earn $94.4 billion in revenue.

How Block Chain Transform The Gaming Industry & How Are They Inter-Connected?

Blockchain and gaming are two separate fields of competitive technological innovation. The race to get mastery over new technologies or to apply them is fierce now! Most companies are striving hard to win the competitive race and stand out from the crowd and therefore, they are looking for the best ways to deliver the best user experience.

The connection of blockchain and gaming is inevitable. Luckily, there are some organizations that offer solutions to aid game developers drastically alter themselves. By offering experience in blockchain integration, economic frameworks, open source development, these organizations provide the right tools to help developers to be innovative.

Using Blockchain For Payments On Gaming Platform

Traditional gaming payment on a Gaming Platform is expensive and usually slow. It can also cause mal-distribution of wealth as the third party vendors get the profit the majority of the time. However, with blockchain technology micro and macro transactions can be done directly between a player and the game developer.

In simple words; no middleman requires to make a payment. Instead of publishing the product in a centralized marketplace like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the game-developer can directly reach out to a player via a decentralized platform

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The invincible security of Blockchain makes it more prominent for the payment method on a Gaming Platform. Besides, it also gives value to the game developer as mentioned above. Speaking of which, the decentralized platform evicts the middleman and allows the developer to pay only a fraction of a fee than they usually do.

Blockchain Driven Games

You might have heard about the CryptoKitties and couple of dozen others games on the blockchain. Since the inception of blockchain technology on the World Wide Web, many game developers opting for it. This technology continues to grow and many industries benefit from it, especially the video game industry. A few names of popular Blockchain driven games are-

1. EtherWarfare- The amazing ecosystem in this game features a marketplace where the users can offer their unwanted tool to others who actually need them. The game is operating on the Ethereum blockchain and therefore, the digital currency is used. Players can earn either by buying from their Ethereum account or by selling gear on the marketplace.

2. Spell of Genesis- This is the most trending game on the list. It requires players to utilize their cards in some arcade shooter where they can attempt enemies by using some magical spells. The game shakes up on the cryptocurrency by running from the Bitcoin rather than Ethereums. To understand in more details, visit the site.

3. Cryptokitties– In this Ethereum-based crypto collectible game, the player tries to breed a kind of digital cats while not having hair get over his/her clothing or not dealing with any kind of furballs. It needs two different cats to create a new cat and players require to buy these cats from the marketplace using Ether.

Other than these, there are wide assortments of games available that can enhance your digital gaming experience using blockchain.

Blurring The Lines Between Real And Virtual

Now that Virtual Reality is going to be altogether an endless platform of possibilities, and you cannot stop thinking about it – let’s start from where we skipped. Maybe in near future, it will be hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s virtual. We got decades for such a happening to come into fruition, though.

2016’s Pokemon Go is a perfect example for that matter. Emphasizing the blockchain technology, this virtual reality concept has been a huge success. Due to the uninterrupted nature of the cryptocurrency, a player can receive monetary rewards by doing real-life actions on a VR platform.

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Experience Points (XP) is one such sole project that making it happen for now. It offers you XP points by accomplishing certain tasks on an online gaming platform. The task can be anywhere ranging from; unlocking a gaming achievement to solving a mathematical equation. The project’s main motive is to gamify your life by rewarding you for your accomplished tasks.

Final Thoughts

Videos games are more than just fun. It is an experience where you dictate the motion of the main protagonist and unfurls the story as you proceed deep into the game. Where professionals play it to claim a trophy or reward, the others play video games for fun. Humanity has surpassed the line, where we love to spend on intangible (virtual). However, details of the purchase interactions remain unclear – blockchain gives hope in this matter.

Blockchain may unshackle the true potential of the online gaming experience. From a less expansive in-game character’s features and items, to the truly blockchain based gaming experience – the possibilities are beyond speculations. With that being said, Blockchain is affecting almost every aspect of the gaming industry. As the blockchain begins to evolve more, we will see a significant change in the gaming experience.