More than ever before, people are taking their business online.  Whether it’s about convenience, accessibility, time management, advertising, or simply just getting your name out there, it’s important to have an internet presence to optimize your business model. In this article, first, we will identify the most common business website styles & then we will discuss the best type of website that will suit your business.

#1. Common Types of Business Websites

E-Commerce Site

E-commerce sites are designed to display and product and sell it. Some with little to no input from the site itself, or a salesperson. They are simple to build and an effective way to get the product in your customer’s hands.

Publishing Site

Publishing sites are sites where people can read articles, find interesting links, blog posts, etc. It’s a way to bring people together who share a common goal or interest. The key to Publishing sites is to provide information that people need or want, and team with advertisers that support those goals.

Lead Capturing Site

There are some businesses that only generate leads, but for many businesses, their landing page is a lead capturing site.  It’s a great way to get information about potential customers.  Common in the real estate and insurance industries, then include spaces for customers to input their email address, name, and other pertinent information for follow up later.

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Branding Site

A branding site is a way to get your name and your business out into the world.  It’s a way for people to become familiar with you, your business, your goals, and your company mission.  Most business sites include some sort of ‘Who We Are’ page to help customers become familiar with the business.

#2. Right Type of Website for Your Business

The next step is to think about your business. Which type of site, or site/page combinations, will help your business meet objectives? Are you a newer, smaller business wanting more name recognition and market share?  Branding may be where you want your focus.  Are you an insurance agent benefit by being matched up with people who need your services? Lead capture would be important in that case.  It is important to really understand several things about your business, your immediate goals, and your long term objectives and build your site with those in mind.

For some businesses, a combination of pages and site types are most effective. For example, if you are trying to figure out how to build a real estate website, you want to consider a combination of Publishing, lead generation, and branding.

The most important part of building a successful website is understanding your audience. Once you know your audience and what their goals are, you can better align your website strategy to meet your customer’s needs and your business goals at the same time.  As your business evolves and changes, your site needs to grow and change too. Listen to your customers. Find out what key components of your site will make your customers want to work with you. Make it easy for them to find the information they want, get answers they need, and connect with your business. The connection is key!

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