With more advancement in the technology and Web App Development, the means of sharing data, storing valuable information, sending packet messages, and all other services from one place to another irrespective of the global coordinates are evolving. Earlier, people had to connect through the ISDN services to talk to their dear and near ones, but now a person can connect using the voice over IP paradigm. These new and fast methods are using the internet as a base for establishing global links, which actually does not involve remote exchanges or servers.

One such modified technology developed and used widely by Information Technology giants is Cloud Computing. The term has two parts, “Cloud”, which is a metaphor for the internet, and hence, “Cloud Computing” means a type of Internet-based computing.

The concept of cloud computing or cloud app development is quite similar to having the electric supply to your house. Your machines are working on the electricity supplied to your house by some transformer mains. It is not that you are building a private electrical power source. The same goes for cloud computing where data is transferred through a virtual machine, provided by cloud service providers. These companies deal with the maintenance of that virtual platform where data will be exchanged between the source and the receiver through the internet.

Now, as the technology of cloud computing is known to most of the businesses in the corporate sector, many IT activities are performed using the knowledge of this technology. One such IT concerned area, which has probable chances of witnessing massive improvised changes, is the web application development.

What is a Web application?

Any application, which the client can operate and maintain through a server on the internet, is known as a web application. As the world is becoming more digitalized, it is important to develop certain applications which will operate online directly with the clients and the hosts, those have direct knowledge about the services being provided.

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Online billing, online stock reports, instant message service – all these are web applications that run through the internet. Here, the developers look for potential platforms where they can install their web applications. One way is setting up their own servers, but this is quite expensive. This is where cloud-based services are very helpful.

Web app development using cloud computing

For any web application development, it is extremely necessary to have a server-based application that will provide the optimum environment to the programmers for launching their codes on the internet. Web-based applications need constant monitoring and a team actually has to sit down before the server, looking out for any erroneous issues that might disrupt the normal working of the applications.

While looking at the stereotypic traditional web development concepts, it can be said that those methods are a bit complex. This is the reason why many tech giants are actually considering shifting to cloud computing procedures for developing their online applications. In fact, the benefits that this virtual cloud interaction has provided in many IT sectors are terrific and astounding. The programmers do not need the address of the servers through which they will work; rather they need the authentication and the guarantee of the services and cloud service providers can certainly give that assurance.

The cloud offers many incredible advantages, which can definitely create a prolonged change in the web application development lifecycle, something that is extremely needed in this IT era.

Cloud computing benefits in the field of web app development

The benefits of cloud computing technology on the arena of web application development are not something to be taken lightly. Reports have revealed the fact that using this new virtual platform, developers can actually reach a greater portion of the market. Let’s have a glance at the benefits of the cloud services on the development lifecycle of the web-based applications!


The key to the success of the software is its scalability. In fact, the more an application can be scaled, the more users it can handle. Cloud computing services provide an apt platform where any part of the application can be scaled easily, either by increasing the number of servers or by increasing hardware power.


In normal cases, you would have to set up an on-premise data center or you will have to be connected with a remote data center. Both the cases are quite costly and actually cause a lot more investments. However, with the advent of the cloud services, building applications has become economically feasible as:

• No upfront investment is required.
• The money will be paid according to the usage.
• Redundant cloud servers are always present in the shadow to compensate in times of any disasters.


Cloud servers have a lot of pre-stored resources that are usually required by the developers for a web-based application. It is better to utilize the already present resources than to buy them from the various IT shops. Moreover, you won’t get only ‘one’ resource for a particular purpose. Clouds do give you an opportunity of considering the options.

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Cloud provides you three variant service models where you actually get a wide platform for the creation of web-based application development. It provides you two different variants apart from SaaS (Software as a Service), the most popular — Infrastructure as a Service (or IaaS) and Platform as a Service (or PaaS).


Without the cloud network, you will be connected to the local data centers and hence the scope of your developed application will be confined to a particular geographical location. However, if the developers are using the cloud network, then they can actually be connected to all the data centers spread across the globe. This indeed increases the chances of being connected to the global audience over the internet. As a result, you will be able to ensure that your customers get the best service no matter where they are geographically located.